Peak Potentials

Peak Potentials is a training company. They specialize in high-impact training, meaning they want what they teach to stick, long after you leave the course.

This is a great goal, and they have many fantastic course.

One extra little thing they would like to stick in your brain, is that you should buy more courses from Peak Potentials! They go a little to far in this regard so far as I am concerned.

So far, my favourite course is Enlightened Warrior Camp. I will soon be taking Wizard Training, which I am told is excellent as well.

External Links

I would link directly to the Peak Potentials website, more specifically using my affiliate link, but they have me a little irritated lately (although some of their courses are absolutely excellent). And their on-line affiliate program is a total mess!

I’ll tell you what though. Do your self a favour and get a copy of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.


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