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Akismet is a Necessary Plugin

When I started getting spam on my website (which did not take long at all!), I discovered that Akismet must be enabled before it will work (obvious yes, but it didn’t occur to me when I first installed WordPress).

I am very glad I enabled it! Since being away from the Internet for a while (one week), Akismet has caught 68 spam comments!

It is good to be on the Internet radar, but with this comes problems, like spam. I highly recommend Akismet to drastically reduce this problem!

WordPress Template Tweak

Wordpress-Template-TweekI’ve been reading other people’s blogs about blogging lately, specifically about template design. This is, in part, because I have not been entirely happy with the finer points of the layout for my travel information website. I already had some changes in mind, and I wanted to get more ideas about the finer points, especially ad placement, since I was going to eliminate the box where one ad had been carefully hidden from day one.

Obviously, hiding your ads is a bad idea if you want your site to make any revenue!

Read on to find out what changes I made, and what I think of the result.

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Drupal vs. WordPress

DrupallogoChoosing a Content Management System (CMS) is neither an easy nor fast process. Every CMS has its own set of unique features. On balance, it is often hard to say wordpress-logoif one is better or more suitable than another. While some content management systems quickly prove themselves inadequate or flawed for a particular application, others may only reveal their quirks after a lot of experimentation.

This article looks very quickly at both. I consider them both excellent choices, but they are not interchangeable. By the end of this article, I hope to give you an understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of each (in broad strokes), and the circumstances under which one or the other might prove to be a better choice

Both Drupal and WordPress are open source (i.e. free).

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Customizing Comments in Wordpress a Template

In Wordpress, Pages are designed to be static, with their own menu system that is quite separate from posts. When editing the page, you can allow comments in the Discussion options, however, many templates will not display comments for a page.

This article explains how to add comments to a page, and how to modify how comments are handled when the allow comments option for a page has been disabled.

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