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1and1 - the worst registrar

I can’t believe how bad 1and1 (1&1, 1 and 1 or 1 & 1, depending on how you spell it) is as a registrar. Given the way they go about things, I’m sure they are bad at everything else also.

True, once you get set up, the domain does get forwarded to your host. But thats about it.

The rot sets in as soon as you try to register a domain. You can only register one at a time, and they have the most clunky interface for registering a domain, with as many obscure clicks and confusing screens as possible. Sometimes, you end up in an endless loop, going back to the same screen over and over again.

Once registered, there is no easy way of knowing when your domains expire. When they do, they are just automatically renewed without asking you.

Trying to do anything in the control panel is an exercise in frustrating. Nothing is organized, nothing makes sense, and there are just as many clicks as possible for every operation.

Deleting a domain involved going to a separate website with it’s own weird set of steps. This doubles as the place where you turn off auto renewal.

To make matters worse, when you delete a domain, you are informed that the private registration will be turned off and your contact information will appear in the whois database. Thanks! Why do you think I made my registration private, you idiots!

Each time you register a set of domains, it goes into a separate package. This makes it impossible to list all the domains you have. This piece-meal approach is made even worse because they prevent you from selecting and copying your list of domains.

I don’t think 1&1 wants customers. They treat us with disrespect.

For this reason, I am switching my domains to another registrar with a sensible system.

I recommend that you avoid 1and1.

Passive Income

I just wrote a description of passive income. I wrote it as a page rather than a post, because it is part of my new vocabulary initiative. I plan to refer to that page from my other posts. You might find it interesting, so here is a post to show you the way. Check out passive income. It may give you some ideas, as will some future posts on this website.

One Website or Two

If you have two professions, should you have two websites (one for each), or one website for both?

I came across this question recently, and here is my answer:

The best approach depends on several factors:

  1. Will visitors see the two professions as complementing the other?
  2. Will is the subject material synergistic from a search engine optimization point of view?
  3. Is the material required for one profession complete, where as the other is a work in progress, or can both professions be fleshed out right away?

From a search engine point of view, there is a lot to be said for having one big site rather than several small ones, all other things being equal. A site that is growing rather than static also drives traffic, especially if the site is properly promoted.

Pages are certainly ranked on an individual basis, and this has a lot to do with how they are linked together. Google doesn’t care about the two professions, it analyses subject matter - which is an important but subtle difference. Music talking about spiritual talking about health talking about councillor - with “therapy” as the bridge - that could work. Music talking about a hard life of drinking, smoking and fighting may also complement a health-councillor’s website, if you think about it.

If material is ready to go on one site, and the other is a work in progress, two separate (but linked) sites would make sense - to begin with. Eventually, it may make sense to merge them - providing the subject material complements.

As for the visitors, will the be confused by the two professions, or see them as working together? Different visitors may have different opinions, but in the end it is a judgement call.

In the end, it really depends on how similar the ideas behind the professions are. If they seem to fit naturally, do one website. If it is an uncomfortable fit, do two.

How Much Privacy do we Really Have?

This flash movie about ordering pizza is funny because … its true. Almost. And when you stop to thing about it, maybe not so funny after all.

Someone sent me a link to the movie; its the sort of humor that gets around by email. Curious to know who published it, I stripped off the URL do the home page and discovered the American Civil Liberties Union. They are rightly worried about privacy in the USA. I know I’m pretty worried - I don’t know if things are better or worse in Canada, but soon there may not be a difference if the SPP, the so called Security and Prosperity Partnership gets any hold. That is the sort of thing that could make the pizza scenario come true.

Americans have a lot to worry about, but so does the rest of the world, especially its nearest neighbors.

Entering the Euro Currency Symbol (€) on a PC

Do you ever need to use the Euro currency symbol (€)?  Here is how to get it on any PC keyboard.

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