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Allergy Food Profiles by Country

I am starting a new series of food allergy profiles on my allergy information website. The plan is to create a series of briefs about each country, indicating the staple foods (which are therefore hard to avoid if you can’t eat them), what foods are easy to avoid (great place to go if you can’t eat those foods) and what the challenges are for each country.

To start with, I plan to cover as many countries as I can with any kind of accuracy or authority. I will then work on expanding what I have, or creating a new section with more detail

Excellent Fee Maps of Canada


I recently discovered this amazing map resource on line. Actually, it was my friend Stefan who put me on to it. It is amazingly detailed, provides endless exploration, and is completely free!

I have a more compete explanation of the free map of Canada on my travel information website. In that article, I explain how to find your way around the website. The website has some temporary problems, so better you read my explanation on my travel website before visiting.

If you prefer to ignore my advice and go directly to the map website, you can visit it here.

Review: Macally PHR 250A USB enclosure for 2.5 inch hard drive (field test)

In an earlier article on this site, I discussed ways to store your digital photographs while travelling. One of my suggestions was to bring a mini hard drive, and transfer the photographs at an internet cafe.

On my recent trip to Mexico, I did just that. It was an experiment. In this article, I will tell you how this experiment worked, and also review the Macally PHR 250A USB enclosure for 2.5 inch hard drives.

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Travel Description: Fresh Stories from Mexico

In a few hours I will be leaving for the Yucatan Peninsula (south-east Mexico for those who need to know).

During that time, it is unlikely that I will post on this blog, but you never know! Mean while, you can read what I write on my travel journal . You can find it at

I hope you enjoy the stories!

Traveling for Geeks: Storing Digital Photos (Which Storage Media?)

It is so easy to consume memory with your digital camera! How to store the photos en route when your memory is full?

There are many options for storing digital photographs on the road, each with their pros and cons. The best choice depends on a number of factors.

In this article I will discuss some of the options. I hope this will help you decide how to manager your digital images on your next trip.

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Case Study: Redesigning the Website Template

Do you want to know what is involved in upgrading the template for a website?  In this article, I explain how I went about it for Dougs Travels,  and share a few tips based on what I learned in the process.

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Upcoming Trip to Mexico

I am planning a trip to Mexico again this winter.  I will "design" an even more interesting trip than before.  

Right now there is not much to say about it.  I will land in Cancun, then leave the same day, and arrive, by bus, at a more interesting location, TBA.  I will study Spanish, but maybe just for a week.  I will visit small, out-of-the-way places.  You will be able to read about it and see some photos, starting December 2006 at

One of the things I have to do is choose a guide book, and a map.  I will review my findings at 

Feel free to leave comments if you have any good travel suggestions for the Yucatán Peninsula!