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More Widnows 7 Articles

I’ve been pumping out a steady stream of articles about Windows 7.
Now those articles are being published on go articles.

Of course I prefer you read them from the first link but you can check out the second link too.

Windows 7 Tutorials

I’ve started a new site about Windows 7 with windows 7 tutorials. Its called MyWindows7Tutorail.

I had to add the “my” at the front of the url because windows7tutorials was already taken. Oh well.

The purpose of this site is to provide windows 7 training - both free and paid. Just sign up for lots of free information about windows 7.

That’s also where you will find windows 7 videos - again, sign up to get emails on the latest.

The blog section is at windows 7

Windows 7

Windows 7 information: here is a new blog about Windows 7 that I am working on.

I’m doing quite a bit of research on the new Microsoft operating system.

As I write here, there isn’t a whole lot on the blog yet, haven’t’ have time to write a fraction of what I’ve learned, but the blog will fill out soon.

The cool thing is that you can download a beta version the operating system for free and try it out.

You’ll read more about this on my Windows 7 blog soon. By the time you read this there will probably be a lot of information there already.

Windows 7 looks good - hope it is at least as good as XP and better than Vista!

PHP scripts for marketing

I’m on a call with Robert Plank, who is talking about massive action - this guy is seriously prolific.

Look at all the amazing products he’s made:
Robert Plank’s Launch Calender

What’s amazing about Robert is that he is so prolific.

Instead of making a few big expensive products, he makes lots of small inexpensive ones.

This allows him to go from idea to launch in as little as a day. If the product sells well, great. If not, no big deal.

I love his approach, because he sees success quickly, and can easily fine out what people actually want. Then he makes more of that.

Check this guy out: Robert Plank

Secure access to cpanel

If you want a secure access to cpanel, type the following:

Maintaining Consistent WWW Prefix in Drupal

It has been bothering me for months that visitors arriving at my sites without the www (for example, rather than end up at two different places (as far as Google is concerned).

Note to WordPress users: this does not seem to work for WordPress. I just tried it with out success. That is why this blog, which runs on WordPress, will not change into

I just stumbled across the solution in the Drupal Issues page which explains how to fix this.

Actually, I was lucky, because Drupal 5.x has a bug in the.htaccess file. There is provision for this - an explanation and some lines to be un-commented, but I had not bothered to read the .htaccess file.

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Reducing Search Result Spam

There is nothing more annoying than getting trashy sites in your Google results! This used to happen a lot more, but over time, Google has greatly improved its search engine results. Almost always, the first few results are relevant to your search, even if they are not quite what you are looking for.

Still, junk websites can slip through.

I just discovered a way of reporting search results spam to Google. This looks like a great way of keeping search results clean!

Optimizing my Website for Search

I’ve been having an “interesting” time optimizing my main business website Douglas Samuel (

It started off well. For the first time ever, Googling Douglas Samuel brought my website to the top of the list (as it should be). Before I knew anything about SEO, none of my websites came up, period. Also, I was able to get decent ranking for Ottawa Technical Writer and Technical Writer Ottawa. What really surprised me though, was that Ottawa Writer and Writer Ottawa also placed quite high. Not as high as I would like, but I have been contacted for some writing assignments, so already the website has been worth the effort.

Now comes the interesting part. Firstly, my page rank shot up from zero to 4. Great! Meanwhile, Ottawa Writer slipped to coming up at 97 - not very useful. Unfortunately, it is a useful term for me. Writer Ottawa on the other hand, sometimes comes up considerably higher, like 19th or so. Just now though, it has slipped to 84. Again, not very useful.

Technical Writer Ottawa is better at 22. This turn seems to bounce around between 25 and 14. Ottawa Technical Writer is considerably better, at 13. Still not first page ranking though, I’m afraid.

The slap on the face though, is Douglas Samuel. I’ve been displaced by some author with a book on Amazon. I now come third, after Amazon, and then Amazon again. Doug Samuel brings up my site in the third spot. Not the home page, but the contact page. At least I’m not invisible.

The remedy I believe, is to build a bigger website. As I’ve noticed, especially with my allergy website, the bigger it gets, the better it pulls.

The next challenge is getting my website to rank well for Search Engine Optimization Ottawa or Ottawa Search Engine Optimization!

Subdomains that Work Independently From Drupal

If you have Drupal installed in your main directory (i.e. public_html), and you want to use subdomains for webpages or websites that have nothing to do with Drupal, you may have noticed that they don’t work!

The problem is that the .htaccess file in the public_html folder is set up to assume that the default index file is index.php. What you probably want is to have index.htm and index.html recognized as the default file when your visitors browse to

The solution is simple:

  1. Create an .htaccess file in the subdomain folder (e.g. public_html/sub)
  2. Add the following line to the .htaccess file: “DirectoryIndex index.php index.htm index.html ” Add “index.php” as well if you think you might ever use php in the subdomain as part of your index file.
  3. And you are done!

Now, when you go to, your index.html or index.htm should get served up.

Thanks to CogRusty for his solution on the Drupal Support Forum for the solution.