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Key Word On The Rise

Given that my site Allergy Details is about Allergies, wouldn’t it be great if the term allergy actually ranked the site high in search results, or ranked allergy at all?
Since I started the website back in February, googling allergy did not bring up Allergy Details at all. This was true as recently as a month or two ago, I forget when I last checked.

So imagine how please I was when I discovered just the other day that the term allergy ranks at about 170 or so! True, I’m not going to get a lot of traffic sitting that far way down the list, but if I at least rank in the top 1,000 then there is hope to get onto the first page. Even getting allergy to appear on the second page would probably garner some traffic.

Today, just a week after making this discovery, I found that allergy now ranks at 98! True, this will not increase the amount of traffic in the slightest. No question about that. The point is that the term allergy is on the rise, and quickly too.

I do hope that when it finally does reach the first page of Google, that it actually does send traffic to the website. I was all excited about the term mold allergy, but now that it ranks at 9, I really don’t get much traffic from that term at all, despite Overture showing that there were over 2,000 searches for that term last January. What does this mean? I have not idea. Maybe the description in Google doesn’t grab anyone. Perhaps not the best description around, but I’d still expect some traffic. Strange!

One Website or Two

If you have two professions, should you have two websites (one for each), or one website for both?

I came across this question recently, and here is my answer:

The best approach depends on several factors:

  1. Will visitors see the two professions as complementing the other?
  2. Will is the subject material synergistic from a search engine optimization point of view?
  3. Is the material required for one profession complete, where as the other is a work in progress, or can both professions be fleshed out right away?

From a search engine point of view, there is a lot to be said for having one big site rather than several small ones, all other things being equal. A site that is growing rather than static also drives traffic, especially if the site is properly promoted.

Pages are certainly ranked on an individual basis, and this has a lot to do with how they are linked together. Google doesn’t care about the two professions, it analyses subject matter - which is an important but subtle difference. Music talking about spiritual talking about health talking about councillor - with “therapy” as the bridge - that could work. Music talking about a hard life of drinking, smoking and fighting may also complement a health-councillor’s website, if you think about it.

If material is ready to go on one site, and the other is a work in progress, two separate (but linked) sites would make sense - to begin with. Eventually, it may make sense to merge them - providing the subject material complements.

As for the visitors, will the be confused by the two professions, or see them as working together? Different visitors may have different opinions, but in the end it is a judgement call.

In the end, it really depends on how similar the ideas behind the professions are. If they seem to fit naturally, do one website. If it is an uncomfortable fit, do two.

Is Marketing Copy Better as One Long Page or Many Short Ones?

I am just working on new copy for my Douglas Samuel website. The copy writing is coming along, but now I face a dilemma: should I have a few long pages, or many short ones?

A few long pages may be better for readers, and for conversion.

Many short pages is probably better for search engine optimization.

So I’ve put the question to one of my favourite forums. If you want to read along.

I have come to the conclusion that the best approach is to do what is right for the readers.  There are many methods for optimizing a site, and many subjects to write about when it comes to adding more pages.  Getting visitors to arrive at the site is important.  It is also important that they have a good experience when they arrive or the effort of building and promoting the site is wasted.

Optimizing my Website for Search

I’ve been having an “interesting” time optimizing my main business website Douglas Samuel (

It started off well. For the first time ever, Googling Douglas Samuel brought my website to the top of the list (as it should be). Before I knew anything about SEO, none of my websites came up, period. Also, I was able to get decent ranking for Ottawa Technical Writer and Technical Writer Ottawa. What really surprised me though, was that Ottawa Writer and Writer Ottawa also placed quite high. Not as high as I would like, but I have been contacted for some writing assignments, so already the website has been worth the effort.

Now comes the interesting part. Firstly, my page rank shot up from zero to 4. Great! Meanwhile, Ottawa Writer slipped to coming up at 97 - not very useful. Unfortunately, it is a useful term for me. Writer Ottawa on the other hand, sometimes comes up considerably higher, like 19th or so. Just now though, it has slipped to 84. Again, not very useful.

Technical Writer Ottawa is better at 22. This turn seems to bounce around between 25 and 14. Ottawa Technical Writer is considerably better, at 13. Still not first page ranking though, I’m afraid.

The slap on the face though, is Douglas Samuel. I’ve been displaced by some author with a book on Amazon. I now come third, after Amazon, and then Amazon again. Doug Samuel brings up my site in the third spot. Not the home page, but the contact page. At least I’m not invisible.

The remedy I believe, is to build a bigger website. As I’ve noticed, especially with my allergy website, the bigger it gets, the better it pulls.

The next challenge is getting my website to rank well for Search Engine Optimization Ottawa or Ottawa Search Engine Optimization!

Fixing Google’s Misinterpretation of a Blog Post

Sometimes, what you want to write and the way you want to write it does not mess with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and AdSense goals. This article illustrates this problem, and makes some simple suggestions that fix or reduce the problem of attracting the wrong AdSense ads.

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