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Allergies, Emotions, and the Dysfunctional Family

I’ve just finished publishing a couple of articles on the Allergy site about Allergies and Mood, and Allergies and the Dysfunctional Family.

The two are actually related, I realized, after reading a section in the book Free To Fly.

First of all, allergies can affect your mood - no question about it. I did a survey on Allergy Details about allergies and mood, and found that most respondents did notice a correlation between allergy symptoms and mood. This comes as no surprise to me.

The part that never occurred to me was the link between allergies and dysfunctional families. It sure makes sense though. It is easy to understand that a chronically bad mood and negative outlook will affect interpersonal relationships.

Notice the rise of allergies and the rising divorce rate. Coincide or cause and effect?

The Secret: Doctoring Google AdSense Reports

I am working on an experiment, an idea I picked up from the movie, The Secret. The idea is to create the exact feelings of happiness and joy that accompany attaining your goals.

One of the guys in The Secret explained how he used whiteout and a pen to doctor his bank statements, adding a few zeros to his balance. Imagine having that much money in the bank! The idea is not to imagine the idea, but really feel how you would feel if you really had a bank balance like that.

Here is how you can apply the same principle to your Google AdSense Report. Save the HTML to your hard drive, then use FireBug to copy all nine css styles sheets, and past them into .css files. Next, change the HTML to load up those style sheets. Then, I save the Google logo and change the HTML to load it up from the correct location.

Now, replace the text showing Today’s Earnings, Earnings for all channels, and Total earnings. Remember to change the number of page impressions too.

Save it, then browse to the doctored html file, and there you see it! A very convincing report showing your Google income for the day, but with a few extra zeros!

For this to work, it has to be a believable number for you, so don’t go too crazy with the zeros, at least not until your real Google income is approaching your intended one, expressed as a doctored report.

Happy earnings!

Peak Potentials Wizard Camp (part 1)

I attended the Peak Potentials Wizard camp recently. It was amazing! This article is a very short summary of the camp; more to come on this subject later.

The course is basically about achieving results with elegance and grace, and attracting the right energy, people and resources into your life.

Talking about the law of attraction has become very popular lately. Some of it sounds silly or cliché. Practiced the right way though, it does work.

I knew this before the course, just though observation in my own life. I have found that focusing attention in a particular area brings results, but not always from the expected direction.

For example, you can be a searcher or a finder. A searcher will always be looking, but will never actually find what they are looking for. Many if not most people operate this way.

A finder may do some searching, but they are focused of finding what they are looking for, on success. When they find it, it may not come from the places they have been searching. Because finders operate on the law of attraction, the attract what they are looking for, and most importantly, recognize it when it comes.

The way of the wizard does not necessarily require a lot of energy. It does require practice and discipline. Once you develop the discipline to allow things to happen, the rest is (relatively) easy.

Special Offer

You can get into Wizard Camp for half price! Peak Potentials allows me to extend this special offer to you until 27 August 2007 (although I may be a day or two off, best to call before this date).

To get this deal:

  1. Call Peak Potentials at 1-888-868-8883
  2. Tell them you were referred by Douglas Samuel
  3. Tell them I was at Wizard camp from 22-26 July 2007
  4. Sign up for Warrior camp, or Warrior and Wizard camp. Get either or both for half the regular price.

Note that Warrior camp is a prerequisite for Wizard camp. Warrior camp is also excellent - I’ll write about that in another post.

A Good Reason to Quit your Job


Don’t those dumb “motivational” posters just piss you off? One company at which I was doing some contract work a while ago had them plastered all over the place. That’s because they kept laying people off in an attempt to be more profitable. Somehow, the posters were supposed to motivate those who remained to “pick up the slack” for those who got chopped. At least, that’s my theory. has a whole series of posters which show graphically what I feel internally when I see these hypocritical posters at a place of work.

Thanks to Colleen at GeekySpeaky for putting me on to these.

Helpful Goal Setting Site

Goal-SettingHave you ever set an objective for yourself, but then never really bothered to meet it out of pretty much shear laziness? You are not alone!

I do it quite often, mostly because I have so many things I would like to do, and that I think are useful and important, but there just isn’t enough time for them all, there just isn’t!

So a friend of mine, Justin, came up with this great idea for a website, called GoalPosting, where you can publicly proclaim the goals you are setting for yourself. He actually got the idea from another friend of mine, Scotty, on another forum about how to drive traffic to your website. The actual thread for the idea is called I Publicly challenge myself too “Blank” by “Date”. That was a good idea, and people did use it, but it is part of a larger forum. Justin’s forum is about goal setting, and goal setting only.

You can read my first goal on the goal setting site if you like. And by the way, posting it publicly is helping me, otherwise I’d have got lazy and sold myself short. I’ve not yet met my goal, but I have till the end of March ‘07 to reach it and I am more than half way there!

Free Tickets to Wealth Seminar

For those of you who wanted to get the free tickets to a wealth-building seminar that I was offering on this website a while back, you will be happy that I once again have have more give away! The bad news is that some dates have been sold out and others are in extremely short supply. With any luck, the dates and locations affected are not the ones you wanted to attend!

To find out more about money and what you can do about it, click here.

Free Tickets to Wealth Seminar

A while ago, I attended a seminar that completely changed my outlook on wealth and money.

The reason I went in the first place was not because I felt I had to learn how to manage my finances. I always thought I did pretty well in that area. The reason I went was curiosity. I noticed that someone I know very well did a real 180° in her attitude to money. It was shocking, but in a good way. Here was someone skilled - no talented at mismanaging money, and all of a sudden she was going about things in a much more sensible way. She’d been trying to achieve a better handle on her personal finances for years, decades actually.

So I just had to see what it was about. I was curious as to what I could learn, even though I am not bad with handling money.

Well, this seminar knocked my socks off! I found there was a whole lot to learn, about money, and it has nothing to do with the money itself, financial instruments, the stock market, investing etc. etc. It’s all about what’s going on in your head, and how you think about money. Its about the psychology of wealth.

In case you are wondering about these free tickets mentioned in the headline, I have some to give away, find out about it here.

Here is an interesting basic concept to consider:

Thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions which lead to results.

If you don’t like the results, change the actions. But what leads to action? Our feelings. Feelings are hard to change, but what leads to feelings? Our thoughts. So if you change your thoughts - which is possible to do - you can ultimately change your results.

Simple but powerful. And it applies very well to personal wealth, an area many people struggle with.

I got a whole lot out of this seminar. So when I was given some free tickets to various seminars across the US and Canada, I was really excited about the chance to share them with other people who might benefit from this information and experience.

I have a limited number of tickets to give away.

To find out more and request your free tickets to one of these amazing seminars, click here.

New Site About Allergies Launched


Here is a new site about allergies. Right now, it is mostly about food allergies, especially to wheat and milk. It will eventually expand to include mould allergies, dust allergies, and other air-born allergens.

I have been dealing with my allergies for close to 20 years, so by now I know quite a bit about keeping allergens out of my life and staying healthy. This project is my chance to share my knowledge with others, and help them deal with their allergies.

The site is young - hopefully there is enough content to be helpful. There will soon be a lot more to help people with allergies, because I know a lot about it from personal experience!

Life Directions, Another Great Personal Growth Course by Peak Potentials

Self-DiscoveryI wish I’d done this 20 years ago instead of two days ago. Wouldn’t it be great if we all did what we wanted to do in life, what we were meant to do? The key is knowing what you were meant to do! So often we end up doing what we think we should do, then convince ourselves that this is is the right course in life. Or we just go through life feeling miserable and unfulfilled.

I just finished a course that really helps find out what is inside you, what you are meant to do and what is right for you. The great thing about this course is it all comes from inside you, the seminar just assists in drawing it out. This article is about that course, and as a special bonus, there is a link to the Peak Potentials website that will give you access to a free seminar on wealth and financial freedom (which is, once again, about what is inside you, rather than circumstance and luck).

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