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The Law of Attraction Attracts a Car

I’ve been thinking about getting a car lately.

For several years now, I’ve been getting by without one. I borrow one when I need it. So my car needs, and some of my car wants are met very economically and with minimal environmental impact.

But it cramps my style. I can’t always get car access when I want it, I don’t have convenient and spontaneous use of the car, and there is always the negotiation if if and when I can have car access.

Yes, being car-free has reduced my environmental impact and reduced my expenditures, but it’s wearing thin.

So I was starting to think that maybe I should get myself a car.

From an environmental point of view, I considered the fact that an old cheap car might be the best choice. I don’t drive all that much, so fuel consumption will be minimal, even if consumption per mile is high.

An old car that no one wants any more still comes with it the energy and environmental impact of production - that’s all oil under the bridge.

Then, just last nigh, I heard that a friend of a friend is leaving the country for a year or two, and wants to get rid of her 1993 Chrysler Concord.

Apparently it is in very good shape, no rust, new engine as of 2004, and (surprisingly for a Chrysler) very reliable.

So I’m thinking about it. Probably I will say yes. At minimal cost, I will have access to a car, which would otherwise go for a few parts and scrap metal - a major waste of a car that works.

The Galaxy Messier 82 Composite Image

M82 Chandra HST Spitzer

Check out this very cool image of the Messier 82 Galaxy! What amazes me about this image is that even to the lay-person (I know nothing about astronomy), some sort of structure is apparent. Wouldn’t you just love a telescope that could show you images like that!

How Things Change

Time-CapsuleI saw this cartoon which really made me think. Not only are things so much different as an adult from what we imagined when we were children, there have been changes our parents would never have foreseen …