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PHP scripts for marketing

I’m on a call with Robert Plank, who is talking about massive action - this guy is seriously prolific.

Look at all the amazing products he’s made:
Robert Plank’s Launch Calender

What’s amazing about Robert is that he is so prolific.

Instead of making a few big expensive products, he makes lots of small inexpensive ones.

This allows him to go from idea to launch in as little as a day. If the product sells well, great. If not, no big deal.

I love his approach, because he sees success quickly, and can easily fine out what people actually want. Then he makes more of that.

Check this guy out: Robert Plank

Internet Marketing Explained

Are you making, trying to make, or thinking of making money from the internet? If so, check out this video! I have gone through the product that inspired this one, and it is fantastic - taught me most of what I know about internet marketing.

Now the product has been redeveloped, and it is even better!

Check out this video to learn more. Oh, and be sure to sign up for the free mini-course on internet marketing