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A Good Reason to Quit your Job


Don’t those dumb “motivational” posters just piss you off? One company at which I was doing some contract work a while ago had them plastered all over the place. That’s because they kept laying people off in an attempt to be more profitable. Somehow, the posters were supposed to motivate those who remained to “pick up the slack” for those who got chopped. At least, that’s my theory. has a whole series of posters which show graphically what I feel internally when I see these hypocritical posters at a place of work.

Thanks to Colleen at GeekySpeaky for putting me on to these.

Too Funny Not to Link

I came across this highly amusing website in my web travels - very artistic, and definitely off-beat (if you like that sort of thing - I do).

Anyhow, this particular post is really funny. It is especially funny if you either love or hate dogs, or if you love or hate cats. That should appeal to a wide rage of people …

World Happiness Map

World-Happiness-Map-sWhere are the happiest people in the world? Check out this article about the World Happiness Map. It is an interesting idea, but I suspect it tells us more about other factors besides actual happiness.

How to Compare a Kitten to a Video Card

I came across this entry on someone’s blog about kittens. It is a highly technical comparison between various living and animate objects, and a video card. Its funny as hell! If you find the article too technical or too cute, just scroll down to the bottom of the page, where the entire article is summarized in a convenient table.

Fun and Easy Way to Draw Faces

FlashFaceAnother gem discovered on John TP’s site: Ultimate Flash Face is how you can draw faces easily. It is an online tool for drawing human faces.

It is worth discovering, so I am posting a story about it here. There are four separate Digg entries, I think at least one of them deserves more than 10 or 11 Diggs! Digg it! (That link is to digg Flash Face by the way).