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Internet Marketing Explained

Are you making, trying to make, or thinking of making money from the internet? If so, check out this video! I have gone through the product that inspired this one, and it is fantastic - taught me most of what I know about internet marketing.

Now the product has been redeveloped, and it is even better!

Check out this video to learn more. Oh, and be sure to sign up for the free mini-course on internet marketing

The Secret: Doctoring Google AdSense Reports

I am working on an experiment, an idea I picked up from the movie, The Secret. The idea is to create the exact feelings of happiness and joy that accompany attaining your goals.

One of the guys in The Secret explained how he used whiteout and a pen to doctor his bank statements, adding a few zeros to his balance. Imagine having that much money in the bank! The idea is not to imagine the idea, but really feel how you would feel if you really had a bank balance like that.

Here is how you can apply the same principle to your Google AdSense Report. Save the HTML to your hard drive, then use FireBug to copy all nine css styles sheets, and past them into .css files. Next, change the HTML to load up those style sheets. Then, I save the Google logo and change the HTML to load it up from the correct location.

Now, replace the text showing Today’s Earnings, Earnings for all channels, and Total earnings. Remember to change the number of page impressions too.

Save it, then browse to the doctored html file, and there you see it! A very convincing report showing your Google income for the day, but with a few extra zeros!

For this to work, it has to be a believable number for you, so don’t go too crazy with the zeros, at least not until your real Google income is approaching your intended one, expressed as a doctored report.

Happy earnings!

Peak Potentials Never Work Again Review

I recently attended a Peak Potentials course about passive income. This is a brief overview.

Although billed as a course, it is half useful material, and half you paying to attend an event at which many people try to sell you things such as courses and systems that supposedly make money.

There were some very interesting ideas, although not all of them convinced me 100%, and one was laughable as a passive income opportunity, since that particular business is anything but passive!

The first day left me very disappointed. There was really not content, just a long line-up of people selling your their course or product.

The second day was better. The third day was really quite good.

Is it worth it? Is it really worth going? This is hard for me to answer. I can neither give a definitive “yes”, nor can I say that it was a waste of time.

I learned a lot. I am already developing some passive income systems, all internet-based. That’s my thing, and I didn’t see any reason to change that. In fact, there were three or four people there talking about on-line businesses. There is not doubt that if done properly, an internet-based business has the best chance of being truly passive. Most of the other opportunities really classify as low-labor, unless you are particularly gifted at systematizing them and setting them up so you don’t have to be there.

I guess I am glad I went, and I feel ultimately that it did help me a bit. It did open my eyes to new ideas even in my chosen field. It also gave me ideas I may pursue in the future, although certainly not now since focus if vital.

If you know nothing about passive income, or don’t know how to get started, it is probably pretty useful. I’ll see if I can get further comments from some of the other people who I met at the course.