To be successful, all websites should know what they are about, and should be focused on just one subject.

Actually, this website is does not really know what it is about, and is not focused.

Let me qualify and explain. You could say the website is about me, but this is not really true. It is about some of the things that interest me, and that I think are worth sharing. I am interested in so many things, that focused is not exactly the best description for the site.

Never the less, it is successful in that it receives visitors, and a growing number of visitors. So the conventional wisdom about successful websites might not be 100% accurate.

Still, there is something to be said for focus. To that end, you can visit this site, which is about travel stories and travel information for the independent traveller.

If books interest you, this site has book reviews for books I have read, and for which I have taken the trouble to write a book review about.

Other sites are in development … I’ll tell you about them when they amount to something. As I look at what is popular on this site, it occurs to me that I might spin some subjects off to a separate site … that remains to be seen.

You may not find that all the posts on this site interest you, but I hope some of them are both interesting and helpful.



dude, you need to change your About page. It’s still the default one provided by wordpress.

rob cooper / January 16th, 2007, 1:57 am / #

Hey Rob, thanks for reminding me to change the text - a bit embarrassing that I had the default text, but then again, your comment proves that people do read the about section, which is nice to know - nice now that I have changed the text! Thanks for exploring the site and taking the trouble to give me this feedback.

web / January 16th, 2007, 4:35 pm / #

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