Online Adverting with Microsoft

I am promoting a new product, and so far have been using the excellent Google ad words system to do it. Excellent yes, but rather expensive for the key words I am using.

I heard that MSN is cheaper, so I nearly signed up for it. Then I discovered the billing method Microsoft uses.

They have a monthly budget. You get billed every month for that amount. When that amount is used up, your campaign stops. You can increase the budget of course, but then your budget is increased for the next month too! You have to remember to bring it down again if that’s what you want, and it is unclear what happens if you get part way through the next month before you remember to reduce it.

This might be OK for businesses that have a fixed monthly advertising budget, but it does not suit a “lets see how we do and then change the budget, the product, the sales letter” type of approach.

As I am at the experimental stage, deciding what ads, keywords and budget make sense for my business, MSN does not seem like a good choice. Google does - although as I say, it is a bit expensive.

Still, I highly recommend Google for adversing.

You can try it out yourself:


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