Speach Recognition to Accellerate Blog Posting

I’ve been meaning to catch up on my travel web site for many many months.  And so behind, it is ridiculous.  Meanwhile, have lost a small following of readers I used to have when I did right on the web site occasionally.

Have since found a great new way of keeping up on my travel web site.

I have finally got speech recognition software to work reliably and efficiently.  The trick, is to use a headset that works well with speech recognition software.  I’m using an inexpensive Logitech model which plugs directly into the laptop soundcard.  There are much more expensive versions that plug into your USB.  I am told they have excellent sound quality, but I doubt there any better than the cheap model.  Anyhow, the $20 pair works extremely well for voice recognition.

Since using this new setup, I have found that have been able to post to several blocks easily every day.  Although I can type very quickly, and have scorned voice recognition software for years, I do find it much easier to talk and type.  For this kind of content, I find it easier for my brain to compose by voice than by keyboard.  I’m sold!

I suspect it has been my lack of new content that is responsible for the plummeting of my page Rank on both this site, and my travel web site.  Since I enjoy going to my old travel journals, I plan to post to my travel web site.  In a few months, I will see how this affects my page eight.  Meanwhile, I am seeing a few more visitors to my travel web site, and they click a few ads.  Just a trickle of visitors, but if every click is worth what I’ve seen so far, and the number of visitors go up, then it will all be worthwhile.


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My girlfriend and I want to go on a awesome trip soon. We were looking for suggestions. Anyone have any great locations? A way to save some dough would be awesome as well. Traveling is expensive these days.

SallyHilvbaters / October 8th, 2008, 6:42 am / #

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