Key Word On The Rise

Given that my site Allergy Details is about Allergies, wouldn’t it be great if the term allergy actually ranked the site high in search results, or ranked allergy at all?
Since I started the website back in February, googling allergy did not bring up Allergy Details at all. This was true as recently as a month or two ago, I forget when I last checked.

So imagine how please I was when I discovered just the other day that the term allergy ranks at about 170 or so! True, I’m not going to get a lot of traffic sitting that far way down the list, but if I at least rank in the top 1,000 then there is hope to get onto the first page. Even getting allergy to appear on the second page would probably garner some traffic.

Today, just a week after making this discovery, I found that allergy now ranks at 98! True, this will not increase the amount of traffic in the slightest. No question about that. The point is that the term allergy is on the rise, and quickly too.

I do hope that when it finally does reach the first page of Google, that it actually does send traffic to the website. I was all excited about the term mold allergy, but now that it ranks at 9, I really don’t get much traffic from that term at all, despite Overture showing that there were over 2,000 searches for that term last January. What does this mean? I have not idea. Maybe the description in Google doesn’t grab anyone. Perhaps not the best description around, but I’d still expect some traffic. Strange!


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