Allergies, Emotions, and the Dysfunctional Family

I’ve just finished publishing a couple of articles on the Allergy site about Allergies and Mood, and Allergies and the Dysfunctional Family.

The two are actually related, I realized, after reading a section in the book Free To Fly.

First of all, allergies can affect your mood - no question about it. I did a survey on Allergy Details about allergies and mood, and found that most respondents did notice a correlation between allergy symptoms and mood. This comes as no surprise to me.

The part that never occurred to me was the link between allergies and dysfunctional families. It sure makes sense though. It is easy to understand that a chronically bad mood and negative outlook will affect interpersonal relationships.

Notice the rise of allergies and the rising divorce rate. Coincide or cause and effect?


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