Peak Potentials Wizard Camp (part 1)

I attended the Peak Potentials Wizard camp recently. It was amazing! This article is a very short summary of the camp; more to come on this subject later.

The course is basically about achieving results with elegance and grace, and attracting the right energy, people and resources into your life.

Talking about the law of attraction has become very popular lately. Some of it sounds silly or cliché. Practiced the right way though, it does work.

I knew this before the course, just though observation in my own life. I have found that focusing attention in a particular area brings results, but not always from the expected direction.

For example, you can be a searcher or a finder. A searcher will always be looking, but will never actually find what they are looking for. Many if not most people operate this way.

A finder may do some searching, but they are focused of finding what they are looking for, on success. When they find it, it may not come from the places they have been searching. Because finders operate on the law of attraction, the attract what they are looking for, and most importantly, recognize it when it comes.

The way of the wizard does not necessarily require a lot of energy. It does require practice and discipline. Once you develop the discipline to allow things to happen, the rest is (relatively) easy.

Special Offer

You can get into Wizard Camp for half price! Peak Potentials allows me to extend this special offer to you until 27 August 2007 (although I may be a day or two off, best to call before this date).

To get this deal:

  1. Call Peak Potentials at 1-888-868-8883
  2. Tell them you were referred by Douglas Samuel
  3. Tell them I was at Wizard camp from 22-26 July 2007
  4. Sign up for Warrior camp, or Warrior and Wizard camp. Get either or both for half the regular price.

Note that Warrior camp is a prerequisite for Wizard camp. Warrior camp is also excellent - I’ll write about that in another post.


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