Allergy Site Builds Momentum

Building an allergy information site is a great learning experience as far as SEO and expanding reach and influence goes.

I have started to see people actually refer to the allergy site. Here are some examples:

Links are also showing up in a few other places, for example:

Just to name a few. There are others I seem to have lost track of …

Advanced Wellness Solutions liked one of the Allergy Details articles so much (about allergies and fatigue), Kathy quoted most of one of my articles, which is very nice to see, as they had the courtesy to link to Allergy Details not once, but three times. I’m all for being quoted in context, with attribution - that’s what makes the web go ’round!

The point is, the site is growing in the world out there, which is great to see. Further evidence: the daily traffic to the site is growing too!


One comment:

I started a site recently and did a 5 day series on how to do something within my niche. It was funny because I subscribe to the words “data governance” in google alerts to I’m up to date with what is happening in the industry. Well, a few mornings after writing the posts I received a notify and the title was strikingly similar to my posts. I go to the link and it was a guy pretty much restating all of my points (with credit) and a few sentences of his thoughts.

For about a second I wanted the article removed. Instead, though, I emailed the site webmaster and said I don’t mind my content being used that way, but in return, could you please link to my site with the following anchor text instead of the “click here”… it worked!

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