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I just wrote a description of passive income. I wrote it as a page rather than a post, because it is part of my new vocabulary initiative. I plan to refer to that page from my other posts. You might find it interesting, so here is a post to show you the way. Check out passive income. It may give you some ideas, as will some future posts on this website.



Yes, that’s just it isn’t it.. we can’t really tell people to go or not to go,but rather give our impression on what WE got out of it. Every person receives things differently as well as being in a different place in life. Where the course may have given you lots of gems, to another, they may already be at that place and not learn anything new. Yet another person may be just starting to look for an opportunity, or not know there were opportunities and get a LOT of information out of the course.

I’ve been to all the courses as I used to work on the Core Team. I’ve seen them all, participated in all but 2 of the courses and see the effect on so many different people. Some are open to receiving, some are closed. Some are ready to be introduced to the material while others have more growth before receiving.

My personal belief is that every single person should take Millionaire Mind Intensive, Warrior Camp and Wizard Camp. Those are the life changing courses designed for personal growth and they cannot be compared to Never Work Again, or GBS. One is inner growth and one is business growth.

Rob / July 7th, 2007, 11:09 am / #

Well put, Rob, and thanks for your comment. Probably you meant to leave your comment on the NWA post, but that’s OK!

I agree with you that Millionaire Mind Intensive and Warrior are life-changing courses. I am looking forward to Wizard in a couple of weeks, which I also expect to be life-changing.

Doug / July 7th, 2007, 11:39 am / #

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