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A Good Reason to Quit your Job


Don’t those dumb “motivational” posters just piss you off? One company at which I was doing some contract work a while ago had them plastered all over the place. That’s because they kept laying people off in an attempt to be more profitable. Somehow, the posters were supposed to motivate those who remained to “pick up the slack” for those who got chopped. At least, that’s my theory. has a whole series of posters which show graphically what I feel internally when I see these hypocritical posters at a place of work.

Thanks to Colleen at GeekySpeaky for putting me on to these.

Allergy Website Gets Page Rang Boost

The allergy website I have been running for the past few months has just got a boost in page rank from 3 to 4!

I am very pleased about this because I can now help more people with allergies find the information they need about how to manage allergies when they google various search terms related to allergies. The site is currently strongest when it comes to wheat allergies, gluten allergies and wheat intolerances, but is starting to grow into other areas as well, including dust allergy and yeast allergy information.

I started the site with a fair bit of depth about eating gluten-free, then started broadening into other food allergies, and lately I’ve started to cover air-borne allergies as well. I have plans to go into more depth on the subjects already covered, as well as broadening into other types of allergies.

Allergy treatments are a popular subject, however the website does not yet cover this kind of information. It is more about how to recognize allergy symptoms, and how to avoid allergens.

If you have any kind of allergy, check out this allergy information website! It is also a place to share information, so do feel free to leave comments.

I am grateful to Steph and Scotty for their help and advice in how to set up a successful website.