Optimizing my Website for Search

I’ve been having an “interesting” time optimizing my main business website Douglas Samuel (

It started off well. For the first time ever, Googling Douglas Samuel brought my website to the top of the list (as it should be). Before I knew anything about SEO, none of my websites came up, period. Also, I was able to get decent ranking for Ottawa Technical Writer and Technical Writer Ottawa. What really surprised me though, was that Ottawa Writer and Writer Ottawa also placed quite high. Not as high as I would like, but I have been contacted for some writing assignments, so already the website has been worth the effort.

Now comes the interesting part. Firstly, my page rank shot up from zero to 4. Great! Meanwhile, Ottawa Writer slipped to coming up at 97 - not very useful. Unfortunately, it is a useful term for me. Writer Ottawa on the other hand, sometimes comes up considerably higher, like 19th or so. Just now though, it has slipped to 84. Again, not very useful.

Technical Writer Ottawa is better at 22. This turn seems to bounce around between 25 and 14. Ottawa Technical Writer is considerably better, at 13. Still not first page ranking though, I’m afraid.

The slap on the face though, is Douglas Samuel. I’ve been displaced by some author with a book on Amazon. I now come third, after Amazon, and then Amazon again. Doug Samuel brings up my site in the third spot. Not the home page, but the contact page. At least I’m not invisible.

The remedy I believe, is to build a bigger website. As I’ve noticed, especially with my allergy website, the bigger it gets, the better it pulls.

The next challenge is getting my website to rank well for Search Engine Optimization Ottawa or Ottawa Search Engine Optimization!


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