Google AdWords Campaign - The Second Day

A few things are beginning to come clear to me about how Google AdWords operate. It made little sense to me yesterday, but it is a little clearer to me today.

Firstly, there are some important differences between ads served up by the search engine (which appear to the right of search results) and the same ads served up on websites who operate AdSense.

Ads appearing along side Google search results start appearing pretty much as soon as the campaign is set up.

What seems to happen is that Google runs the campaign for a few thousand impressions, and determines how well the ad performs, in terms of how many times it is clicked. If not many people click on the ad, then the bid price goes up, even if there is no competition. The bid price seems to fluctuate according to the precise wording of the ad, the wording of the website (pay special attention to text in headings etc.), and how well the ad performs.

Mean while, ads can appear on websites which match key words in the campaign key words that you choose. This seems to take a while. None of my ads appeared on websites for the first day.

They did start to appear on the second day however. This is a good thing since my ads stopped serving in Google’s search results. I’ve been getting a low rate of clicks on my ads. This doesn’t bother me - I am looking for quality traffic, not quantity traffic. But it bothered Google enough to raise the bid values on my key phrases, so I would either “improve” my ad wording, stop advertising, or just pay more. At least, this is my theory.

Anyhow, I was not willing to pay the higher bid price because my conversion rate (of zero!) does not make it worth while.

Mean while, I did get ads appearing on websites at $0.11 per click, just when I needed an alternative to the now stalled search result ads. I was glad the CPC was much better than 0.35 (on a good hour) to $6.00 quoted for various key phrases at various times.

So I got some traffic, and discovered that my website sucks. It doesn’t look bad, it just doesn’t convert. So far, it has cost me about six or seven dollars to determine this.

Post script to yesterdays complaint about Yahoo: As far as I can tell, I did end up getting the $50.00 credit. Yahoo is not very good about listing the financial standing of my account, but I seem to have a $65 dollar credit, but I pre-paid $20.00.

So, I’ve made a start. I’ve not sold anything yet, but I am starting to learn and understand how the system works and how to use it. It is certainly more intricate to operate than I realized at first.


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