Google’s Mysterious AdWords Bidding System

google-AdWordsJust an hour or two after posting my previous article about setting up an ecommerce system, in which I mention the steep rise in the price of the bid for my key phrases, I have found they have dropped by a lot. One was going for $6.00 (which is really too high to be seriously considered as a competitive bid) has dropped to $1.20, while others that were set at $1.20 minimum have dropped to $0.23. I’ll try $0.23 for a while and see what happens.

Mean while, I have signed up for Yahoo Marketing to see how their service compares.

I signed up via a web page that offered $50.00 in credits, but I didn’t get the credits, so off to a bad start.

Worse, there are lots of advertisers using the same key words as I am using in Yahoo, where as I had the place to myself in Google. I find this strange. It may simply mean that Google advertising does not work well for the key words I am using.


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