First Impressions of Yahoo to Advertise

As noted in a post of just a few hours ago about advertising my new ecommerce site, my first impression of using Yahoo to advertise my site was tainted when I failed to get the $50.00 credit I was promised. I should note that the site,, is pretty positive towards Yahoo. I also got to their website via a paid ad in Yahoo search results.

Another thing I noticed: by default, everywhere outside North America is blocked. They don’t ask what regions you want to include (Google is very fine-grained about this), they automatically block Asia, Europe, Australia etc. and you have to unblock them. I find this unfriendly.

In general, I prefer Google’s user interface. Yahoo uses more style, Google has more features and a cleaner look.

The next thing I noticed is that it is a crowded market for my key phrase, which is hardly Yahoo’s fault. At first, typing in my key words did not bring up the ad, but about an hour and a half or two hours later, I did see my ad place in second position, which is pretty good, given the crowded market and my bid of $.30.

As far as I can tell from my server logs, I’ve not got any traffic from any Yahoo ads, but it is too early to be sure what that means.

I did notice though, that the statistics for ad impressions and clicks are not very current. The best they can do is display what happened yesterday. I think this is too much of a lag. Things change too quickly to make decisions for tomorrow based on yesterday, especially for a new campaign. I may change my mind on this once I’ve been in the game for a while. Google shows statistics that are two or three hours old.

I came across this article on BoingBoing, which is pretty negative about publishing Yahoo ads. Apparently it is up to the publisher to block visitors outside of North America from seeing ads on your website! Of course they took Yahoo off of their websites right away. Some attitude Yahoo has! No wonder no one suggested I advertise on my sites with Yahoo.

So I’m feeling slightly negative about Yahoo right now. But I have not yet come to any conclusion.


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