The Bleeding Edge of Drupal


When I set up my allergy information website in January, I decided to use the latest version of Drupal, then just released. In deciding between WordPress or Drupal, I chose Drupal over WordPress, because I want the website to be much more than a blog. In this I am not disappointed - when I get the time, I’ll write more about the difference between the two content management systems - they each have their strong points.

Having chosen Drupal, I then had the choice of installing the tried and true 4.7.6, with its plethora of modules, or the latest and greatest Drupal version 5.1, with rather fewer modules available.

The main advantage to choosing the past-current version is that so many modules are available for it. And it is still being maintained with security releases etc.

The disadvantage to choosing the post-current version is that once I decide to make the inevitable upgrade decision, I will have to waste a lot of time doing the upgrade, with the risk that the upgrade does not work out or becomes messy.

So I chose the latest release. The advantage is that I don’t have to consider an upgrade for some time. I have the latest release which is theoretically that much better. I certainly like the default template enough to use it, rather than taking time to modify or build a new template.

The disadvantage to using the latest release is that module availability lags the core system. Just today for example, I was finally able to download one much-anticipated module, mean while I am waiting for quite a few others. This forces me to build content for my site rather than fiddling with the configuration (something I already spend enough time doing), but it is frustrating.

Never the less, I feel I made the right decision for this application.

It is worth considering the pros and cons for each installation until all the modules you need (or might need) have caught up with the latest release.

Of course if you are considering an upgrade, wait until all of the modules you need have been upgraded to 5.1


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