How to Choose a Good Domain Name

Choosing-a-domain-nameIt’s harder and harder to think of a good domain name that isn’t taken. I keep thinking of great ideas, only to find that they have already been though of and registered by someone else (or just as likely, a computer). This leads to thinking up alternative names that are not nearly as good.

I found this interesting article about domain names on the LearningCentre forum. The article covers ten types of domain name, with a description, pros, cons and examples of each. Here is a summary of the name types:

  1. Real Words
  2. Compounds
  3. Phrases
  4. Blends
  5. Tweaked words
  6. Affixed words
  7. Made up or obscure origin
  8. Puns
  9. People’s names (real or fictitious)
  10. Initials and Acronyms

The ideas in the Name Inspector’s article will help feed my lateral-thinking engine!


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Great post - names are tricky since ‘all the good ones are taken.’ In my old company we chose 5 letter names (cuz the boss said that was best :|)… and in my new company I was going for catchy. My names all sucked (boring) - and then a buddy came up with Close to JibberJabber - but available! Not too shabby, eh?

Jason Alba / March 7th, 2007, 6:50 pm / #

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