How to Remove Login Information From Drupal Site

Several times lately, I have been asked this question, by way of visitors arriving by search results for “How to Remove Login Information From Drupal Site”.

Normally, I write about problems I have experienced and solved. I assume others may benefit if I share my solutions.

In this case, I don’t know exactly what the question means. Could you clarify please? Just leave a comment explaining the problem. Is it related to the Drupal installation and database, or the browser?



This is just a guess, but as somebody who is a newbie to using CMS, I was asking myself a similar question: I want to use Drupal (or some other CMS) to maintain a site that until now has consisted mainly of static web pages. Visitors of the site do not and should not be able to “log in” nor should they see any log-in form.

So the first thing I asked myself after I installed Drupal and browsed to the default generated site is: “how to remove the login form” so that site visitors do not see that one can log in to this site at all.

What I really would like though is a way that totally disallows any log in for visitors from the WAN and only allows admin logins from our company-internal LAN.

jp / May 19th, 2007, 5:54 am / #

Hi JP,

Yes, it is possible to remove the login from the default setup. If I remember correctly, it is just a matter of turning of the long-in block (administration>>blocks) although I don’t have time to verify this just now. When you do this, yo need to know how to log in to the admin panel - again, I don’t have time to verify this just now, so I will check it out next week and give you a better answer.

Doug / May 19th, 2007, 10:34 am / #

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