Is Any Web-Based Built-In Editor Good?

I just disabled the built-in editor for WordPress. After trying several editors for Drupal, I’ve given up on them all. For now, I’ll stick to HTML, thanks.

I love the idea of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors, but I don’t like what any of these editors do to my posts.

I’ve had problems with TinyMCE, for example, I lost a lot of work when I tried to edit a link, and ended up jumping to the link instead.

Most on-line editors filter the HTML, which is just plain nasty if you are trying to embed elements in floating DIV statements for example (for an example, see this article on how to install TinyMCE in Drupal).

Although the idea of WYSIWYG is great, in practice the available options are wanting.

Typing HTML has problems as well. At first there is a lot to learn, but you get used to it. The problem is typos. Most of the links in my posts open a new window - it would be too easy to mistype “_blank” or leave out a quote somewhere.

The solution I have been using lately is BlogDesk. You can read more about extending the use of BlogDesk on a separate post.


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