Extending The Use Of BlogDesk

blogdesk-logoIn a separate post, I have complained about the shortcomings of the editors available for WordPress, Drupal and other content management systems.

The solution I have been using lately is BlogDesk. I have been using it for months to post on my blogs (I’m using it now). Lately I have extended its use for other projects such as my new allergy information website. That one uses Drupal, and has many types of content (blog, page, story, book …). Some of these need more configuration than BlogDesk can manage, so uploading from my desk top does not work for everything.

What does work well is to use BlogDesk to type text, embed images, format, add links etc. The built-in spell checker is pretty good to. Use only the Post section, not the More section. Add page breaks manually.

You can then view the HTML, where you can make further changes if necessary, such as adding floating DIV blocks etc.

When you are done editing, switch the view to HTML, then copy the entire post.

Disable the editor in the editor in your content management system. Paste the HTML into the body of your post body.

WARNING: Do not attempt to edit your post with a built-in editor at a later time if you use the above method to add additional HTML tags. The editor may remove or alter your carefully constructed HTML code. FCKeditor (for Drupal) seems to alter the HTML less than most.



Hi Doug, Did you have any problems loging-in to your drupal site after using blogdesk?

I have this problem and the only way I know to fix that is to request a new password.

elitz / March 14th, 2007, 12:10 am / #

Hi Elitz,

I have not had that problem. I use blogdesk directly to post to the blog part of Drupal, but not to books, pages or stories. For those I copy the HTML from blogdesk and past it into Drupal.

Doug / March 14th, 2007, 12:17 am / #

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