Enable Comments or Not on your Blog

This article is inspired by a post on John TP’s blog about comments. He suggests that new bloggers turn off comments. The theory is that if you have comments turned on, and no one comments, then visitors will assume that your blog is unpopular and won’t come back.

I think this is all based in fear - fear of rejection by even techno-geeks!


I would not dream of turning comments off. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. Even when I started out, I got a few comments. I even had a few conservations with other website operators by leaving comments on each other’s blog. It was fun, and hey, I got comments!
  2. If I see a blog with comments turned off, I don’t tend to spend much time with it unless it contains vital information. I don’t want to turn away readers from my blog, so I leave comments on. If no one has anything to say, let the comments area stay blank. If they do, it will fill up.
  3. A blog that has been around for a while with comments turned off will look really bad when suddenly comments are turned on again, and there are no comments! Better to grow organically.
  4. I write in an attempt to interest and inform my readers, depending on the post. If they (you for example) get something out of an article, great. I’ve done my job. Comments are just a bonus.

To me, the best strategy around comments on your blog is to leave them on, and work really hard at writing good content to attract readers, and encourage people to post comments (by the way, if you have something to say, feel free to leave a comment here, but don’t feel you have to).


I look at my server logs very often, to keep my finger on the pulse of my website. What interests me is the number of visitors I have, and how many go beyond the landing page to look at more of my material. That interests me as much as the comments I get.

Happy Blogging!


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