Setting up Path for Drupal Quickfile

If you have tried the Quickfile e-commerce module for Drupal, you may have had frustrations trying to get the paths right to reach your digital download files.

The path to a digital download file comes in two parts. Part one is supplied by the Directory for quickfiles parameter under the Quickfile module Main settings tab. Part two of the file path is supplied by a specific quickfile node in the file path parameter.

When you configure Quickfile, the Directory for quickfiles is relative to the root directory of your Drupal installation. If you create a directory called “digital_downloads”, then the Directory for quickfiles parameter should contain “digital_downloads” without any slashes (either before or after the path name).

Assuming you have no sub directories in your digital_downloads file, the File path parameter for a particular quickfile node is just the name of the file to be downloaded when purchased. Do not include a slash in front of the file name.

Visit the quickfile module setup thread for more information and ideas.


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