Another WordPress Template Adjustment

The template I have been using for this and some of my other blogs had some serious flaws. The biggest was that you could not see hyper links! This has been corrected, by making some changes to the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) file.

While I was at it, I addressed another big problem: confusion over how to make comments. A number of people were telling me that they could see if comments had been made or not, but did not understand how to read the comments or leave their own. This lead me to suspect that the “Read more” link at the end of posts on the main page was not being used. When I look at my server logs, I can see that few people navigate beyond whatever page they land on.

As I made changes to the style sheet, I also felt the need to make adjustments to the layout, to make navigation more obvious. The template started to look messy, so I have moved a few things around.

I hope you will agree that this results in a website that is easier to read and easier to navigate.

I have also made the ads easer to see. As long as people take advantage of them, there will be a revenue stream from this website (and my other websites) which makes it all worth while. So I have changed the colour scheme of the ads so that they show up more. I hope they catch your eye, without distracting you too much or annoying you. I see some websites with bright red titles in the ads - this is ugly, and screams “click me, click me!” which makes me want to do the opposite. I hope I have come up with a tasteful and attractive alternative.

What do you think of the changes? Feel free to leave your comments .

For comparison, you can visit my travel information website. I have not yet changed that template, partly due to time constraints, and partly to see how the changes go over on this website. I might make further adjustments, based on your feedback.

I invite you to tell me just what you think about the layout, colour scheme and navigation of this website, so do please comment !


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