Review: Macally PHR 250A USB enclosure for 2.5 inch hard drive (field test)

In an earlier article on this site, I discussed ways to store your digital photographs while travelling. One of my suggestions was to bring a mini hard drive, and transfer the photographs at an internet cafe.

On my recent trip to Mexico, I did just that. It was an experiment. In this article, I will tell you how this experiment worked, and also review the Macally PHR 250A USB enclosure for 2.5 inch hard drives.

I the USB hard drive to be a very particle solution to storing digital photographs, but with some caveats. I was able to transfer my digital photographs to the hard drive, but it did not work on all computers, and I did come across some strange behavior on some computers which I will explain here. I will also tell you how to correct the problem.

I found the Macally PHR 250A USB enclosure to be reliable, although some strange behavior had me wondering about it at first.

The problem turned out to be that one some computers, plugging in the hard drive and the digital camera (a Sony DSC-W5) caused the computer to drop the hard drive. I suspect this was more a problem with the computer than the hard drive or the camera.

On computers that objected to simultaneous camera and hard drive connections, I created a temporary file on the computer, transferred the photos to the temporary file, disconnected the camera, connected the hard drive, then transferred the photos to the hard drive. Finally, I erased the photos from the internet cafe hard drive. This was a slightly irritating, but tolerable extra step.

I felt the hard drive was more reliable than burning CDs. Certainly it is more compact, convenient, and transfer speeds are faster than burning CDs.



i have a question. the folder that i need to access that includes all of my files from my laptop (the mob was kaput) cannot be accessed. i did have my laptop secured with a password. what do i need to do to access these files? i am running xp 2ed. thanks!

tracy / April 11th, 2007, 4:58 pm / #

Hi Tracy,

I assume you are asking “what happens if I put my laptop hard drive into this enclosure and try to access the files from another computer?”?

If that is your question, my answer is that probably it will work I’ve not tried this myself, so I can’t say for sure.

My advice is to try it, and expect a high probability of success (but I can’t garantee it, unfortunately).

I have used the enclosure to access files from a hard drive that was previously installed in a laptop, and it worked fine, but I didn’t have a a password on the computer.

If you are using a bios password, I’m quite sure you will be fine.

I hope that helps.

Let me know how it goes!

Doug / April 11th, 2007, 5:22 pm / #

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