Peak Potentials RichLifeClub by Hrv Eker - How to Cancel

I attended an excellent seminar put on by Peak Potentials this summer. They sure know how to put on great seminars.

Unfortunately, they are really lacking in other areas of their business.

Like many others, I signed up for, expecting a useful resource for personal and business development. I found nothing of value, and the whole thing is half-baked. Unfortunately, the organization does not practice what it teaches.

To cancel RichLifeClub, visit this link. It probably is not featured prominently on their website (I’m guessing) and I only got this information after a strongly worded email to them (after the first two polite emails were entirely ignored).

I sure hope Peak Potentials gets their act together. I recommend their courses (but you need to armour-plate your defences against intense cult-like marketing). The rest of the organization leaves me cold.

Here is a Peak Potentials course I really liked. As I said, I recommend their courses and I found Life Directions both useful and helpful.

If you know of a personal development company that offers great courses and runs the rest of their business in a customer-friendly way, do please share! Add your comments!

Post Script
5 April 2007
Months after my initial attempt to cancel Rich Life Club, I received the following email:

Your subscription to RichLifeClub has been canceled [sic]. You were not refunded the 1.00 first month trail charge as I see you did access the site after your sign up date & the 1.00 was your only charge.
If you have any questions you may contact us at your convenience at: 1(801)431-0001 between 9am & 6pm mountain time.
Thank you, RichLifeClub

Well, my cancellation went through long ago, and as for not refunding me my dollar, I can afford it. It does show the operators to be stingy and just plain silly. The time spent accessing the site was a waste of my time, and the time taken to cancel a further waste of time. They should be paying me at least $100.oo to compensate!

Anyhow, if you are still having trouble cancelling, you now have a phone number with which to contact them.



I found Harv’s books and seminars quite interesting and entertaining. But I am Chinese and we do not have those western/Christian hangups about money and wealth anyway.

I found his Millionaire School quite disappointed. There were some good moments, but mostly as a business expo holding advertising for the speakers. I wrote him a letter complaining about it misnamed as a “school”. I did not get a response.

I too signed up for his Rich Life Club with the same intention as you but got nothing from it. I made some suggestions via the site to the Club’s Los Angeles group. Got no response.

When one is so busy out promoting one’s teachings, it is sometimes difficult to find time to practice it.

Vimala Nowlis / December 12th, 2006, 5:54 pm / #

Thanks for the info about the “millionaire School”, Vimala . I suspected it was more of a selling opportunity than an actual school.

I do find that Peak Potentials has difficulty practicing what it preaches as well. At Warrior Camp, they told us to play at 100% or not at all. I wish they would take the same advice themselves. They don’t seem to understand that 100% applies to the whole business, not just the courses themselves (which are excellent, other than the over-emphasis on marketing).

At the end of each course, I feel very glad I took it, but between courses, I wonder if I wasted my money on the next course I registered for because of their poor operations. They seem to focused on expanding, and not enough on building.

Doug / December 19th, 2006, 2:09 pm / #

Hey Doug, It’s Beth from Warrior. I too signed up for Rich Life Club and am more than disappointed. Unlike you though, I have not been able to make contact with anyone to cancel my membership. You mention a link above, but there is not one shown. Can you shoot me an email with it please?
Hope your travels are going well and you had a nice Christmas and Happy New Year. Carmen (from Warrior Camp) came and visited me here in Florida for the NY. It was a great way to bring in 2007. Cheers and best to you for 2007!


Bethany Carpenter / January 2nd, 2007, 11:52 am / #

I don’t believe Rich Life Club is actually part of Peak Potentials, just to set things straight. It’s run by another fellow who simply interviews Harv and allows Harv access to upload content. Rich Life Club is not a peak potentials product.

rob cooper / January 16th, 2007, 1:56 am / #

Hey Rob, I think you are right. On the other hand, they are closely associated. A call to Peak Potentials helped solve the problem for one thing. And because Peak Potentials markets the service, it it appears to be a Peak Potentials run operation. I did know otherwise until I saw how the charge was listed on my credit card.

If Rich Life Club looks bad, it makes Peak Potentials look bad.

web / January 16th, 2007, 4:33 pm / #

Hey! Bless Google that found your site. Thank you so much for posting the link to cancel membership. My situation is pretty much the same as everyone elses.

Reading Harv’s book turned my life around 180. So cool. Since 1990, I have participated in many other Personal Development programs, and each, for better or worse are run by humans. And humans err. Some organizations can’t handle the growth. Instead of relyig on only one program (from their books, to basic courses, specialized courses etc), my solution is to make up my own program. Harv’s book. Yoga. I’ve hired a Life Coach.

Good luck everyone with your endeavors. Happy Prosperous 07!

Cybel / January 26th, 2007, 10:26 am / #

I’m glad to hear this post helped you Cybel. You are right, humans err, and no organization is perfect. Peak Potentials concentrates on providing great courses, and every time I take one, I feel fantastic about what I gained from the experience, and about Peak Potentials.

I just came back from another course, called Life Directions which I found to be helpful. And I’ve signed up for more courses with them, even though between courses I sometimes wonder about the company. At least I get value for what I’m really paying for.

Odd how the on-line experience with Rich Life Club does not measure up to the other programs they have. Then again, as Rob mentioned, Rich Life Club is not run by Peak Potentials (although it does appear to be loosely affiliated with them).

Anyhow, it is good to get what you need from various sources.  I must say, I can highly recommend Warrior Camp - you won’t get that from any book, you’ve got to be there!

web / January 26th, 2007, 1:51 pm / #

Hi everyone,

We at Peak Potentials appologize profusely about the lack of organizational structure. Harv Eker focuses on creating and delivering world-class live seminars and definately delivers that, however he puts trust in others to run the behind the scenes part of the business.

We have gone through massive growth becuase of the power of the programs and haven’t been able to fully support our precious clients the way we would like to. We definately put in 100% effort to improve and we know we’re getting better. We ask for your patience and if you know of any great COO’s, Directors, and managers that are at a level 10 in their skill and character, please pass them along to Thank you!

As far as Rich LIfe Club - it’s not a part of Peak Potentials but they too went through massive growth. They have hired a new client care company who are great and are getting back to clients - finally.

As far as the content - it’s definately worth $19.95 a month! If you go into the archives area, you’ll see oodles of video and audio dowloads - tons of information. Plus Harv Eker does an interview every month answering YOUR questions. That alone could be worth the whole membership. So be sure to post your questions in the forum.

And a really great part of the club is being able to network with up to 10,000 like minded people. You have a huge resource right at your finger tips and you don’t even have to leave your home.

Anyway - take care and keep growing and learning!

MICHELLE / January 29th, 2007, 12:13 pm / #

Hi Michelle,

Your apology is accepted - I am still really keen on the courses - I’ve attended Millionaire Mind, Warrior, and Life Directions, all of which are excellent.
Once the administration glitches are sorted out, Peak Potentials will be really first class.
The thing is that the speedwealth concept accelerates a business, but can accelerate customer dissatisfaction also. A case in point: administrative glitches at Peak Potentials, and problems with Rich Life Club in its actual implementation (at least from the start).
I am signed up for more Peak Potentials courses and looking forward to them.
As for Rich Life Club, my initial contact with it did not impress me, and not being keen on television, the primary medium of video does not work for me. Others may love it. When I checked it out, the forum was dead. It may well have picked up by now, but from my perspective, there are lots of other forums out there, so $20.00 month is not worth it for me. Again, if others get value from it, great for them!

web / January 29th, 2007, 12:36 pm / #

Like most of you, I am a big fan of The Millionaire Mind way of thinking. To that end we have started a Master Mind group in Seattle which has really become an important part of all our lives. That being said, the Rich Life Club really needs to die a quick death and cease to be promoted at MMM seminars, in my humble opinion. My dismal experience, similar to all of yours really cast a negative pall over an otherwise fantastic organization. So far, to remove myself from the I have been forced to dispute the charges on my visa bill - no way to contact them so what does one do? Hopefully the link you supplied above will do the trick. Thanks!

Kevin / February 2nd, 2007, 4:52 pm / #

Hi, Everyone:
I just recently attended a seminar of Peak Potentials in Vancouver. Its courses sound really interesting and the presenter did a very good job of summarizing the concepts and promoting its courses. However, at the end of the seminar, they pushed really hard and tried to sign up people for the courses by offering huge discounts. That’s why I kind of hesitated to sign up.
And I know in “Secrets of the Millionaire Mnd”, Harv Eker mentions something like poor people don’t like solicitation or some sort. Ha Ha. But I still want to get some ideas on how the courses, , like Millionaire Mind Intensive, affect your life? In what way? Can you give me some of your real life examples??
Coz what I found from the seminar is that the concepts are great and I totally agree with them, but the presenter at the seminar was like my life was miserable and after the courses, I got financially independent in 3 years without giving us any solid examples. Please give me some real life examples. Really appreciate it. Thanks!!!

Roy / March 17th, 2007, 2:26 am / #

I know what you mean, Kevin. The thing with the free courses that they offer is that they do have very high value, but they also promote their other courses - which can be annoying, but that’s how they make money.

I have taken several other courses by Peak Potentials, and they are all excellent.. They do promote their other courses in every seminar they give, but much less aggressively than in Millionaire Mind Evening or Millionaire Mind Intensive. I keep signing up for what I need as I go along. The fact is that they price the courses high so they can discount them in the seminars.

As for real life examples, I am in the middle of working on mine. I am moving ahead, but my three years are not yet up, so I can’t yet give you a solid example. I’ll post when I do have solid examples, so stay tuned!

For anyone who doesn’t know what this is about, I do have some free tickets to a seminar about money - how to think differently about money resulting in a higher income and less crazy spending, resulting in personal wealth.

Doug / March 17th, 2007, 10:47 am / #

I am a big fan of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, my wife and I attended the Millionaire Mind Seminar, and recently we attended the Guerilla Business School. I agree with some of the comments posted that a lot of the material covered in these courses is absolutely wonderful - thought provoking, motivating. But after having had this much contact with Peak Potentials and T. Harv Eker, all I can say is Harv Eker and Peak Potentials DO NOT WALK THEIR TALK!
There’s so much talk about integrity but how much integrity is there in a company that makes it as dificult as possible to cancel their programs, puts you on hold for half an hour when you call them, and won’t call you back after they promise they will? The feeling I get from dealing with operators at Peak Potentials is that their operation is in an absolute shambles. It’s all about getting customers in the door and getting the repeat business. They have very little interest in customer service.
How much integrity is there in a seminar that charges you thousands of dollars to attend and then spends half the time pitching you programs that cost thousands more dollars where they will pitch you even more programs when you attend? And who hire speakers that give you pseudo-lessons that are hardly more than a tease to get you to buy their program that costs $8000 - NO WAIT! - only $4000 - HOLD ON! - only $2000 if you are one of the first one hundred people to run to the back of the room and buy RIGHT NOW! If I spend my hard earned money on education, I expect EDUCATION, not sales pitch after sales pitch.
I could go on but I won’t. Let me assure you, I am not a cynical guy. I’m just someone who is trying to hold myself to a higher standard, which I have sadly found out, Peak Potentials and Harv do not.

Pete / April 14th, 2007, 2:42 pm / #

Well said, Pete. I feel the same way.

During the programs, I feel I am getting great value, but between programs, when I have to deal with “customer service”, I wonder why I have registered for more programs.

They are concentrating on growing fast, not well.

I wonder what other programs there are out there that have high-quality content, walk the talk, and who knows, might even be less expensive?

Doug / April 14th, 2007, 2:48 pm / #

Hi Doug, (Pete, you might want to read this also)

Thanks for such a great post.

I am in trouble with Peak Potentials. They are demanding for me to take courses that I do not want to take. First, I thought I was going to get education too. But after two courses, I know that I am not going to get education, but more likely sales pitches.

My credit card is maxed out and I do not want to continue being a customer with Peak. They will not let me go, they say that I have to pay cancelling fees then which will come to about 4 to 7 grand.

Pete, (if you can contact me at trendsetterr @ that’ll be great so I can speak with you.)

If you did cancel, how many courses did you cancel?

If they will not let me cancel, I’m going to contact the BBB and attorney general, along with putting a lawsuit on them.

And to me, Life Directions was not great. The shaman routine has left me traumatized and they better let me go off my “contract” and give me the money they took as deposits for future courses before I bite back.

Man, they stress me out.

sebastian / April 15th, 2007, 1:37 am / #

Hi Sebastian,

It sounds like Peak Potentials is in trouble with you!

Yes, you will get sales pitches in Peak Potentials courses. Personally, I feel you also get an education. Do you get the best education possible for your money? This I don’t know. Landmark sounds interesting and covers some of the same territory I believe (for considerably less money) but Peak Potentials covers areas that Landmark does not, or so I understand. I’ve not yet looked in to it.

I’ve taken a few Peak Potentials courses. Millionaire mind is a big marketing opportunity for Peak Potentials, not surprising given the low price they offer it at.

Life Directions is not Peak Potentials most exciting course, but I found it useful.

I totally agree that on the one hand, Peak Potentials is talking about controlling your finances, then they do everything possible to get you to spend lots of money! Not only are the courses expensive, but getting there costs money, as does accommodation and food. They exhibit a combination of good programs and greed. Their return policy is much like the rest of their customer service - it totally sucks!

Why does customer service suck at Peak Potentials? Because Harv Eker doesn’t care, that’s why. He said at Guerilla Business School that when he started paying attention to administration, sales suffered, so he started concentrating on marketing again.

In other words, expect bad (and possibly worse) customer service from Peak Potentials!

As for being traumatized by “the shaman routine”, well quite honestly Sebastian, you need to work on becoming a stronger person. It didn’t traumatize you, you let it traumatize you. Before you cancel out of Peak Potentials completely, I do recommend you take Warrior Camp. That is the best course I’ve taken with them. It will either traumatize you beyond believe, or (more likely) make you a stronger person.

Doug / April 15th, 2007, 1:29 pm / #

Well, this is my case.

Before I signed up any extra courses, I asked if there were any courses or activities that went against religion. It may not have affected you, but the shaman routine? It was sickening. I saw a 16 year old basically having dry sex with his mother’s friend. I sat next to them on the first day!

And GBS? 5 days total, 3 days complete sales, 2 days (3/4th info, 1/4th sales). Not only does it cost lodging, dining, and driving, but it costs time. Having 3.5 days of sitting through sales doesn’t help.

Here Harv is teaching how to educate customers, giving them information to deem you an expert, and then you sell to them… After teaching us that, aren’t all the people supposed to wake up and realize that every guest is doing just that?

Is it me or do people need to read internet articles and popular business books to realize what they’re teaching as gold is available at Border’s for 20 dollars at most?

I am not stepping into Warrior Camp nor Wizard Training. First of all, THE SECRET is a mirage and that lady who created that mess is going to be a female author billionaire next to JK Rowling.

And Doug, it’s cool that you can see that they have good information but at the same time, they want to suck you dry for your money. You probably have finances to accommodate such seminars. They maxed out my card, have 2 grand in deposit money, and they want 19,000 by 2008.

Once again, they’re a corporation.

And second of all, they’re a seminar company.

It’s a known fact that 90 to 95 percent of seminar attendees go back to their normal way of living. What lures those percentages to continue coming back?

Because Harv has a handful of great success stories! Out of half million people, he has a handful only because if he had more, they’d all be talking about it and Peak Potentials will always be on the news for radically changing the world.

Being on stage and being the authority figure, when he tells us of a student who made a cool 4 million in 2 years, that makes us salivate! 2 years? That’s a helluva deal! I want in!

So we swipe our card. We give our bank account numbers.

And we attend, and it’s a hole we dig into hell.

Do you think Harv dances around, smiling like a child, happy to meet people? Do you think after a meal he dances on stage to get energized?

No, it’s all show and I bet it makes him laugh commanding people to do so.

Harv sits in boardrooms, signs papers, cuts checks, and best of all, most of all the courses he created, he created them onstage. That’s why they’re so shitty and half-assed.

It’s a known fact and it’s his bragging right that he can create a seminar on stage and have people spend 3 grand on it. 100 people out of the 1300 in the group? that’s 300,000 dollars.

Extreme Health?

Life Directions?

Never Work Again?

There are books you can buy for those topics!!!

Learn how to invest your money for 40 to 70% interest!!! I believed it but if you search online for that seminar, you’re quick to find out there are 15 different guest speakers, giving you a review of what they do, and an opportunity to learn more from them.


And to add salt to the wound, they sell you the course again for 495!!!


What Peak does to people is just like what the casino does. They give you a variety of emotional stimulations, up and down, up and down, and you become loyal and subservient.

Shaman routine? a total emotional ride for most of the people. Reminds them of high school probably.

Peak Potentials?

They’re going to pay one way or another.

sebastian / April 15th, 2007, 9:27 pm / #

I have not had those kinds of problems with Peak Potentials. I canceled a couple of programs with them without any issues. I have had great success with the company and recommend them. As far as the offers during the trainings - how else would you know about them fully if they didn’t? They offer programs to help folks and if they have something I feel they should offer it.

I am sure mistakes happen with any company. I have worked for some larger ones and they do happen. You also can’t please everyone. What works for one - won’t work for another. There are many reasons for this - mainly dealing with the individual. Everyone is responsible for creating their lives and their choices.


SJ / May 16th, 2007, 8:19 pm / #

I’m glad to hear you’ve not had any problems with Peak Potentials, SJ.

I really have mixed feelings about them They do have great courses. Their office though is in such a mess (or has been so far, maybe they will change) that my feelings about them tarnish between courses.

I’m looking forward to the courses I have signed up for. I know I will get a lot out of the courses. But I still say they don’t walk the talk.

Yes, they offer courses to help people, but don’t forget: they mostly offer courses to make money. I’m fine with them making money, don’t get me wrong. They are not altruistic though.

Doug / May 16th, 2007, 8:30 pm / #

Currently attending Millionaire Mind Intensive, going into the third day. I think that the information that they are providing is truly good information - the mindset will direct change in my life. I am excited and hope that I can continue to think this way.

As said previously, the mindset often within 2-3 weeks after the seminar goes away, and life returns to the norm for most of us. I hope to be the difference.

I am very disappointed, however, in the sales pitches. We’ve had two full days of training, day 1 was about 9 hours active “training” time (and I say training because that is what Harv said today - it’s not a seminar, it’s training) there were well over three hours of sales pitch. Then an additional, 2 hours of who’s birthday is it, come up on stage and let’s all priase you… who’s anniversary is it, come up on stage and let’s all priase you… who’s celebrating something, come up on stage and let’s all praise you. After that, we get to spend about an hour and a half, five minutes at a time, giving high fives and celebrating each other. We got about three hours of “training” on day one (9am to 10pm) and much of that was simple review.

On day two, for a full hour before lunch, sales pitch. One and a half hours for lunch, then thirty minutes of dancing at our seats and some on stage, then another hour of sales stuff. Honest to the lord above, we came back from break and in about 3 hours, went over ONE PAGE of notes. T. Harv is here for that one.

I am a frequent seminar attendee, and am used to this at the low cost seminars. I brought my girlfriend in order to hopefully enlighten her. I’m not a skeptic, but honestly, it’s a bunch of crap, that they spend all that time selling you on something else. I am already signed up for Never Work Again and will attend in a couple of weeks. I am waiting until then to see if there is anything worth signing up for the more advanced seminars. I’m not holding my breath.

Summary - content is good, but there is WAY TOO LITTLE of it to make Millionaire Mind Intensive worth while.

Craig / June 9th, 2007, 11:31 pm / #

Hi Craig,

Thanks for your comment.

I hear you on the amount of time spent selling at MMI. It is very annoying when the seminar ends at 11:00 pm and you realize you could have finished before dinner if only they didn’t do so much in much in the way of sales pitches.

On the other hand, I was impressed with the actual content, and learned a lot from it. Given the price, it is good value.

I have taken several other Peak Potentials courses, and they spend much more time on content.

The dancing and praise for people’s birthdays isn’t for everyone I suppose, but I do think it gets people out of their seats and moving, which makes for a more active brain. I think that and the high-fives is part of involvement and therefore permanent learning. It is also part of the marking, since you will notice that they get people to agree that something is a good idea, and high-five their neighbour on “sounds good to me” or whatever, and pretty soon they are selling a $2,000 or $3,000 seminar on the subject. That is part of what puts the “cult” in their “cultish marketing”.

Doug / June 11th, 2007, 10:18 am / #


I read this with interest as I was looking for a way to cancel Rich Life Club, I phoned the number above and was able to cancel. He was very courteous and on my request sent a confirmation email.

So thank you to the person who posted the phone number as the website is actually not available this morning!

The reason I’m posting this is because of another seminar (another company) I recently attended. There was one section in the workshop where one of the two presenters talked about the things that were for sale at the back. It was short and so casual and funny that we spent most of the time laughing. There was no mention of price, no directive to rush to the back and get what you want before they’re sold out. In fact I noticed that because the table was outside the room where the actual seminar was, that people started buying before the doors were open for the first session. The fact that it was outside the room allowed everyone to focus on the content.

They limited the number of people who could attend and the price was about $200. At the end of the day they had nearly sold out of their products. There was no conflict between the message and the marketing. It really worked and they are doing really well financially!

Just wanted to share that.


Katherine / July 9th, 2007, 1:45 pm / #

HI Katherine,

Thanks for sharing that.

What was the other company and what kind of seminar was it?

Doug / July 9th, 2007, 3:12 pm / #


It was the Art of Allowing workshop by Abraham-Hicks, If you believe in attraction rather than tough sell, it’s something worth checking out.


Katherine / July 9th, 2007, 4:54 pm / #

My wife and I were booked for an upcoming Warrior Workshop. Since the booking, I was diagnosed with mouth cancer, and the hospital called with a surgery date during that week. I spoke to a nice gentleman (at first) who was happy to transfer my reservation, but thought it would be alright for my wife to attend while I was in the hospital. (This man is obviously not married.)
I spoke with him again today to confirm the transfer, and he started going on about how I had to send $500 right away or my wife will lose her reservation (and money) completely. I explained I really had other pressing matters on my mind right now, and that whether it was $500 or $5.00, I thought the PRINCIPLE did not seem to me what Peak Potential preaches.
Rule #1, Don’t criticize a Peaks Potential graduate.
I’ll pay the $500. I’m not sure that ploicy is legal in Canada, but chances are I’ll take from the course what I can, and find someone more compassionate, like Jack C.

Herbert / September 6th, 2007, 7:14 pm / #

I did it - cancelled - so easy and its been a “to do” for 10 months now!!! Thats $240!
They now have a “live chat” fto chancel. You just say “I’d like to cancel” and they do it - done.

HIlary Samuel / September 20th, 2007, 4:01 pm / #

I attented the MMI and thought the same re the selling part - BUT, I am so grateful that it was done the way it was, because had I not committed that day ( for Quantum, ie all Peaks courses), I know I would have gone back to my old ways. Harv and his staff know the results of doing the programs - and they are life changing, so how else do you convince someone of its value, when you cannot show them. If the majority of people were people of action, then it wouldn;t be needed, but since most live in fear… be thankful that someone believes so much in the power of what they do to make it happen. Within 5 years of doing the MMI, we went from broke to multimillionaire and life is amazing. We haven’t looked back since.
One more lesson: Wealthy people look at benefits, poor people look at cost.

Michael / October 9th, 2007, 2:59 pm / #

Doug, I’d just like to say that you’ve got a great post going here on how to cancel from Rich Life Club.

I’ve also read a bunch of your responses and you’re very good a presenting your position on some people taking themselves out from fear.

I volunteered at peak potentials courses from 2002 to 2005 and was then recruited to be on the Core team which I was for 2 years.

I’ve set up, run and facilitated events at over 10 Warrior Camps, Wizard Camps, GBS, Train the Trainer 1 and 2, Wealth and wisdom, Worlds Greatest Marketing Seminar and more… you get the idea.

I’ve been on stage doing warm ups after breaks, been Harv’s personal trainer assistant and been in just about every other position available.

I have been exposed to countless life changing stories from the participants. I’ve seen the effects of people who have returned to do multiple courses (ie: started at Millionaire Mind, signed up for Quantum and then saw them again at Warrior Camp, then Wizard camp, then Mind of Steel Heart of Gold).

I see them around town as they recognize me or they come up to me at other courses and thank me for having been even slightly involved in their process.

As a team member, I see and hear stories told to me by my Core Team mates.

In my estimation, they’re 80% fantastic stories of transformation and personal growth and 20% not so great stories.

The Core team members and trainers do their fullest to train, to teach and to support the participants. I know their integrity and their passion to keep doing the work they do.

Doug, we both know that people see the same thing and have different reactions to it. People make choices coming from either fear or love.

I see that anyone reading this post will take away from it a very negative view of Peak Potentials and Harv. If there’s anything I could say, it would be to experience the courses yourself. I so wish there was a website with powerful positive testimonies other than just on Peaks site.

When I first saw that your post about How To Get Off The Rich Life Club Membership site was getting such a reaction, I did the same thing on a website I had running.

I saw a need and I decided to help fill it.

I posted a neutral post about Rich Life Club, neither for it or against it and then provided the same link to show people how to remove themselves.

I was then let go by Peak Potentials by the CEO at the time. I was told that I had poor integrity and was not a match for the team any longer.

I realize that what he was saying about me was really about him because I know my integrity level and I know what I brought to the team. There was not one person who agreed with the CEO, his decision or his stance about me.

I’m telling you this to add balance to what I’ve said above about the Peak Potentials courses.

In my opinion (and this is my opinion), they are transformational. They will change your life in the most positive way if you fully interact with them and understand that the people involved in the training and facilitating are there to support you in your growth.

In Warrior, we teach “never take anything personally” but that’s a hard one to get past. If there’s one major stumbling block for any participant of Warrior Camp, it’s taking thing personally.

The definition of a Warrior is “one who conqueror’s oneself”

From what I see from the posts above, the biggest deal is about money. The costs of the course, the service behind the scenes. and being “sold to”

Just like in email, if you think someone is selling you something, delete it. Dont buy it.

If you fully commit to the course, look past the selling, and fully embrace personal growth, I’m willing to bet that you do find growth.

“What you focus on expands”

Get past the selling, and focus on you. You signed up for a reason in the first place. Commit to yourself.

Warrior camp, if nothing else, is the most important course you could ever take in your life as far as I’m concerned



Rob Cooper / October 17th, 2007, 8:42 pm / #

Thanks for your long and insightful comment, Rob.

Interesting, I’ve been learning more about attraction (”The Secret”, Wizard Camp), and I realize that at the time I wrote this post (and admittedly one or two others on this site) I was feeling a bit negative about Peak Potentials.

I do feel very positive about the courses though. The courses are very good to excellent, and the camps surpass excellent and expectations.

I highly recommend Warrior and Wizard to almost everyone, the only exceptions being to those few who are already Warriors and Wizards.

Between courses I get a little irritated with Peak Potentials sometimes because of some of my customer service experiences. I do have some great customer service experiences also.

Negative comments aside, it is really about the courses and what you get out of them. Yes, they are transformational no question about that.

If you are thinking about taking Warrior, Wizard, or Millionaire Mind Intensive, ignore any negative comments you see here or anywhere else and sign up for them. Then go to them. These courses will change your life.

As for the heavy selling, it takes practice to put the marketing into perspective.

If I think I might be interested in a course, I walk to the back, get a form, then walk back to my seat and fill it in. Sometimes I hand it in, and sometimes I tear it up. This helps me to make a considered decision.

Note If you buy a course in a country other than your own, watch out for courses you decide to cancel. The credit cards take their pound of flesh on the conversion rates to your home currency, and then back again on the refund.

Doug / October 17th, 2007, 11:41 pm / #


I was there I was scared for the people attending and beleving this S…t
All they want is for you to spend your money on their courses

that’s how they make their money…off you!
Add up the numbers in your head of how much it costs any how many people attend.. I never thought people were this weakminded!

why can’t you see?

Lynn Apple / January 22nd, 2008, 9:13 pm / #

The word “cult” is a bit extreme, though I think everyone here knows that Peak Potentials overcharges and over-markets to some extent. And yes they have some admin problems. It’s also true that there’s a bit of madness that goes on during every course, and, especially if you’re a bit shy, it can be quite challenging.

But the bottom line is that if you play at 100% at these courses (rather than distancing yourself then congratulating yourself on not getting involved), letting go of your fear of looking silly or doing things you don’t usually do, then these courses do happen to change your life for the better, and quite drastically in my experience.

I’ve taken MMI and Warrior so far, and agree that if you only take one–Warrior is it. It will challenge you, but you will walk out a much stronger, more focused person, with a lot less fear. I saw miracles happen there. People who were so introverted, depressed, etc. at the beginning (they didn’t want to be there!) who were glowing with happiness by the end, and so grateful. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it myself. After I took it I was able to stand up and speak in front of 200 people at a work event with no notes, with no fear, and afterwards people told me that I was inspiring. That never happened before Warrior. So something clicked there. One month later I was hired for a great job I love where I work 2 days a week making as much money as I used to make working 4 days a week.

Yes they apply far more marketing pressure than I can appreciate, and if you want to call that cultish then go ahead. But the actual exercises you do during the courses–the ones that make you uncomfortable, challenge you–that is the meat of what they do best. It breaks you out of your comfort zone so that you can take your life to a new level. The thing is, it’s painful for us to leave our comfort zones–it’s scary–and so we often take ourselves out rather than play at 100! In the end, the cost is worth what you receive, though I suggest taking only those courses directly relevant to you if money is a concern. As far as I know, no other company does training like Peak as of yet. Personally I do hope one comes around with lower prices and better admin–perhaps some advanced Peak grads…?

Anyway, if you want to remain safe and comfortable, with your old routines and old beliefs–then don’t take courses with Peak, because they’ll kick your butt to here and back again, ha.

Shawn / February 13th, 2008, 1:33 pm / #

My wife and I attended the MMI in 2006 ended up signing up for a bunch of courses that were well beyond our budget. I’m amazed at how powerful their psychological marketing techniques are. The first course they talked about was Guerilla Business School and after they cut the price down from 7995 to around 3000 and said there were only 83 spots available, we went running to the back of the room to sign up. In a matter of minutes we put a deposit of a few grand on one of our credit cards. Then we went to lunch and my intuition kicked in - I started thinking about how there were more than 83 people that went to the back of the room and the only reason we ran back there was because we really believed the spots were limited. I got really angry because I was sure this coudn’t be the case so we came back from lunch and asked them what happens to person number 84 who signs up. They said they pay 4500 instead of 3000 and the spots really are limited. (this was complete B.S.) I was still suspicious but felt a little better. By the end of the MMI, we signed up for 4 courses and more than maxxed out a credit card. I can’t tell you how bad I’ve felt about that after doing it - but with the help of these courses we were destined to become rich, right?!?! Ha!

Later we find out in the Train the Trainer seminar that the courses are never limited to 83 people and at anytime you want you could get the seminar pricing. I knew it! They calculate the amount of people that have signed up for these courses at previous MMI’s and then tell you that that’s the amount of spots available. That way they know they’re only going to get about 83 people and it won’t be obvious to people that there were way more than that who signed up. They also jack up the prices real high just to cut them down and make it seem like a great bargain. That bugs me. This is like K-mart who every single day has their jewelry on sale for 70% off. Prices are marked up but never actually sold for that much.

Anyway, we went to several courses which were good in my opinion (warrior, life directions) and some that were not so good - trainer was so-so especially since everyone we kept in touch with didn’t make any money using the unethical marketing techniques they teach there. GBS was also a joke - there’s good info but the marketing you face is extreme. To get all of the info you have to sign up for the speaker’s other courses. That’s not how they made it seem when they talked about it at the MMI. After GBS we cancelled the Millionaire School/Never Work Again package and got an 80% refund. I’m not spending any more money on overpriced courses. I’d rather hit up BN or the library first.

Now with all of that said, I do believe a lot of the information in these courses is valuable, but you can get it other places for cheaper. The exception may be Warrior becaue so much of that was experience based. A great alternative to warrior is the Landmark forum - I did this 2x and at the price of 440 the first time and 220 (or so) each additional time, it’s a bargain compared to Peak. Sure you don’t get food, accomidations, or cool adventurous activities, but it’s a great value for what you do get.

Perhaps another time I’ll let you know about our experience with the Success Academy real estate investing course (offered through Peak but not by Peak). All I can say is stay far far away from that. The selling techniques are way worse than what Peak uses and it’s damn near impossible to get a refund (though we were able to with persistance).

Joe / February 28th, 2008, 8:56 am / #

Hi Joe,

Your story sounds typical. Extreme marketing techniques get you to sign up. In the case of some courses, you are glad you did. In the case of others, you realize you spent too much money for too little value.

The camps are excellent, especially the following:
- Warrior
- Wizard
- Ultimate Leadership Camp

Those are my favourites and I have gained great value from them.

The seminar courses, such as Gurilla Business School and Never Work Again are a different story. They have good information, but you are essentially paying to be marketed too.

Doug / March 17th, 2008, 9:50 am / #

Hi Shawn,

What you say about Warrior is right. Involve yourself 100%.

I got a great deal out of Warrior.

I think Wizard is another must from Peaks.

If you want to bring people along for the ride, Ultimate Leadership Camp is fantastic.

The seminar courses are a different matter. Hundreds of people are crammed into a room and deluged with information. Good information, but delivered at a rate far too fast to absorb. So much for advanced learning techniques!

Doug / March 17th, 2008, 9:54 am / #


Thanks for the feedback. We did Warrior which was excellent and may go back for Wizard. I haven’t heard too much about Wizard though. How would you rate it compared to Warrior? I can’t even begin to imagine the kinds of activities that go on there.


Joe / March 31st, 2008, 12:34 pm / #

Hi Joe,

I highly recommend Wizard.

Warrior is very much in your face (in a good and useful way, I might add).

Wizard is not. It therefore may feel like it has less of an effect. Certainly I felt less transformed as I left the course.

Wizard though is far more powerful in the long term.

I found that it amplified what I learned from Warrior, and made me a much more powerful, effective person.

Both courses are fantastic. Wizard is worth as much and more than Warrior. Everyone should take both!

Doug / April 7th, 2008, 6:44 pm / #

I worked for the company and it treats its staff like worthless cattle, and eats its own..So don’t “hope” things will get better, it will get worse and hopefully crash and burn. Most of my department are now quitting because it has become a horrific joke to be there. I left that office crying every night, fighting with my husband…etc. Mostly because they have no idea how to operate a company, and push all their amazing minds and workers out on the whim of some brown nosing director or manager..which don’t even get me started on management…they tend to like putting people who do not know a thing about how a department works as the figure head. They are then so lost and confused, that they end up bullying people into listening to how they want things to run. When the people who had been in the trenches actually doing the jobs know exactly what,how, and when things need to be done. Then, there is the lovely matter of all of who who phone us, and start yelling at us on top of this bullshit..I thank you…… Peaks and it’s clients have made me stronger….more bitter….

Good Riddance :)

Ali / May 17th, 2008, 5:49 pm / #

Can anyone tell me more about GBS and Never Work Again? the positives and negatives?

My wife is finishing her 3rd day at MMI in SF today (6/1/08) and yesterday she signed both of us up for the GBS and Never Work Again. We both did MMI with David Wood two years ago and she decided to do it again this weekend. I should have gone too. We both got a lot of ideas from the first MMI but we did not keep up the energy or follow through with much actions.

I want to know if we should cancel GBS and Never Work Again.


Homestead / June 1st, 2008, 9:19 pm / #

I found this site because I signed up for several Peak Potential courses, and a few from presenters I heard at “Never Work Again”. I have not received the material from Peak Potentials after a month, and was overcharged by $1000 by Joel Comm, and haven’t heard a thing from my coach from Loral Langemeier’s program. I believe in the programs, and am still optimistic about the outcomes, but was disappointed by the hype and promise, just to be working on my own to make it happen. How can I operate a business at level 10, when their support is a 3? I am attending Warrior next week, and am encouraged by the posts about that program.
It’s too bad that such dynamic presentations aren’t backed by an equally dynamic customer service.

DJ Miller / June 14th, 2008, 5:34 pm / #

I have attended a number of seminars in Canada and I found the the MMI course had less of a sales pitch than the other ones I have attended. Also Harv’s course are based on Neuro-lingustics programing which is why they are so long and why they repeat the teaching in a number of different ways…if you want a lecture you need to look else where. I am attending the Warrior camp next week and I am looking forward to it, as Keiron said at the MMI “how you do anything is how you do everything”. Everyone I have met who have taken Harv’s courses have said they are worth every penny and recommend them. I guess it is just about where you are at in your life!!

Nic / July 7th, 2008, 3:32 am / #

hey all

If courses/seminars like these are what you are looking for then why wouldn’t you expect to be marketed too heavily?
ever gone to a “free” condo in aspen for the weekend?or “won” a prize only to have a 17 year old vaccume salesman show up to clean your “filthy” couch?? really there is nothing new here and these tactics are soo basic and as old as the hills.And can you really blame T.harv? in fact i would be insulted and lose some respect for him if he didn’t take advantage of having 100,200,1500!! peoples attention for a few hours or even days!!most companies pay big bucks for this and exploit it as much as they can..
As for the content of the courses i cannot say..
I would however like to point out that you pretty much have to be looking to be involved in these types of events.they dont exactly go door to door or advertise with any effort online (in my opinion) so what does that tell me hmmm in know
“You make your bed and now you have to sleep in it!!”
that ones a freebie..
sleep tight.

Tim / August 24th, 2008, 2:12 am / #

Are these seminars for real? My husband is attending all these seminars and to my eyes, people are brainwashed. Noone can absorb information when you are from 6am to 11pm attending a class. Doing who knows what!!! After so many hours, a person tends to believe whatever is said to them. I have seeing a total transformation of a working person into a person that believe the universe will bring things to him. What a joke. I think these seminars is making the owners rich, but not the attendees. A person is a leader no matter what in different ways.

Marie Nemours / September 14th, 2008, 7:31 pm / #

Hello Everyone:
We attended like 3 or 4 Seminars from Peak Potentials, no complaints about that but yes a HUGE problem with some Joint Venture that Harv Ecker had or still has with the Success Academy. My question is to everyone that read this post: Is there anyone there that invested like we did with the Success Academy and the Joint venture they had with Peak Potentials? Huge fraud!!!
Peak Potential’s Lawyer has been trying to solve the situation and he’s been very kind about it but all the problem is been going on since February and nothing is being solved. We know that there are more victims besides us so if we get together we could take legal action action.

Cecilia Jakubowycz / September 23rd, 2008, 10:31 am / #

Hi everyone,
I was fortunate to be warned about the hard sell at the MMI before I attended. Knowing full well what I could and couldn’t afford it allowed my mind time to relax between the intense “you’re financial blueprint sucks” stuff. Which was exactly what I needed. The dancing and high 5’s don’t bother me but I do understand that for some people that was the hardest part. We all have our areas of “fear” that we need to overcome. I just returned from Warrior and was speechless for a week. At warrior there were a few things that at first offended me but it only took one second to recognize that I was afraid of something in relationship to it. I just took a deep breath and Frickin did it and in the end realized my being offended was just fear of growth.Yes, Peak Potentials is into the dramatic but again, that’s what a lot of people need. I’m curious about the Shaman thing mentioned earlier, but I’ll find out in good time. Having a strong religious background I didn’t find anything present thus far offensive to my beliefs. I’m excited about attending Wizard and from what I’ve heard it’s more like What the bleep do we know? than The Secret.
I’m attending Train the trainer in a few weeks and am going in with an open mind.
So am I a millionaire yet?, Not yet but I damn well will be. I am a new person in terms of my finances. I have clarity, I have goals and I am meeting them one step at a time. But I will say that if Warrior taught me anything it’s that I can’t do it alone. I have relied heavily on at least one person I know that attended MMI, he’s been a god send to keep me on track and putting into practice what I’ve learned. My Warrior Tribe has created support network to hold each other accountable and so far so good. I’ll let you know how it goes at Train the Trainer.
Liz Weaver

Liz - Peak Potentials Survivors / September 23rd, 2008, 1:33 pm / #

I have attended both Millionaire Mind Seminar and Extreme Wealth, and highly recommend both. I definitely got my money’s worth. I also believe the RIch LIfe Club is a great value and use it often. I’ve seen my capacity to make and hold money increase greatly! I’m puzzled how different people can have such a different experience.

Duane / October 13th, 2008, 9:53 pm / #

I plan on doing the Life Directions Intensive in Jan. 2009 and read that you can get at seminar pricing by calling their 888 number. I tried that and they said you can only get at seminar pricing at the seminar. How did you guys do it??

Rich / November 20th, 2008, 6:39 pm / #

Interesting to hear all the different perspectives on the company and their policies.

I recently attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive weekend seminar and thought it was fantastic. If nothing else, it’s helped me motivate myself to take the next step with my business, and I am looking at possibly attending some of their other programs. I guess it’s one of these things where you have to do your research and prepare yourself for any possible outcomes.

James / November 24th, 2008, 5:19 pm / #

Duane & others: I just spoke w/ my business partner & Peaks ambassador, & decided to cancel my Extreme Wealth Booking & go to Warrior instead. I’m still planning on attending EW, just not now; can you or anyone else provide me w/ some specific EW information–what’s the “buy-in” range for the EW investment opportunities? One of the biggest reasons I switched from EW to Warrior was that I just started my FFA jar (fund) & really have little savings. How did EW help you make more & retain more money? Thank you for any input, it’s greatly appreciated.

Steve / December 2nd, 2008, 5:39 pm / #

Just did the MMI, it was a very long and intensive course. It seemed like it was planned that way. They use NLP canon to remove any resistance, very well done and like clock work, do the hard sell 30 min before a big break, lunch or end of day. I say every break most of the mentioned 83 or 93 spots all got filled up, i suspect they might end up with a buyers remorse. There seems to be atleast one or two good one worth the money but its hard to know which those are, most sound like the internet website promising you millions through affiliate income streams. Personally i got some good info, i am terrible at even basic money budgeting so i thought the money jar on day, the anchor and removal of negativ ideas of money a few excercises on day two and day 3 the benchmark which gave a good snapshot of the change we went through. The 90 day book was a good offer as well. I signed up for the Rich Club and i am apprehensive at the cancellation and poor response and now realise its not even part of Peak Potential, guess the potential will stay will never be truly translated !
I was so tempted to see so many sign up to those 2k and 4k seminars and handed out plastic like they were buying a cup of coffee for a buck ! scary, i came pretty close to signing up but took the form home to think about it and get back the next day which helped me not to sign.
I personally think the MMI could easily be done in a day max or day and half. But their real goal is the marketing so every break if you can get 90 - 95 signed up for 2k or 3k seminar in one weekend they made a million ! on the last day they did hard sell twice for the quantum leap got another 18 - 19 signed up ! wow. I also notice Harv’s neice and her BF hanging around participating in the MMI wonder if it was Harv’s way of keeping the trainer on a short leash. The girls BF was a real jerk by the way, just walked in took someone else’s seat while he had gone to the washroom, when he came back and said his jacket was hanging on the chair and would he mind moving over to the next seat that was empty, he just took his jacket off the chair and ploped it to the empty chair and just sat there. The gentleman just went and took the next chair not sure if he knew this arse hole was Harv’s family. I think MMI was good for the price but other than that i wouldn’t spend a dime on Peak too scary and too scammy. Education is valuable, people with no jobs and shitty jobs are willing to borrow on credit card to get something good for themselves, but i am not sure the Peak Grads are all doing so well. It seems like they have a small team of core members close to Harv who are one on one and he is comfortable to keep them on a short leash and no threat to him. Its a one man oned operation not a well structured corp so the limitations of the fast growth and size are showing, its more marketing, if Harv looks at back office sales falls off so he does everything. His books are not very original either, not well researched, just quotes a bunch of stuff from other authors nothing more and written for very folksy.
The speedwealth book his latest is a joke, a 5th grader can write a better book, well on his resume its one more book he has penned 16 or 17 in total ! at this rate he will fill a library. Do the MMI if you get cheap or relax and spend time with your family.

torosun / December 2nd, 2008, 9:46 pm / #

Someone above quoted the Landmark yes its cheaper than Peak but they are even worse. Landmark uses a technique which is akin to cooking a frog by slowly raising the temp of the water ! the fee is low so cost of entry is low but they destroy your mind/emotion/identity, then they push you to bring new members i have seen Phd Physctrists stuck with this crap. They never let you leave and bring you back. Its so bad the stuff they make you go through will make you break up your family, go against your parents and siblings and then rebuild your Landmark identity its almost like a prison camp with people who have lost their identity. Their brochure and catalog though very impressive you would think its the best way to get all the training for next to nothing. Landmark has had several lawsuits and some are still going on for using physo techniques that are no longer approved/applied by the establishment since its been found to cause serious damage to victims mind they never recover. Also the methods applied are all not scientific, its all created by the founder based on what he saw and understood on what was then available in the 70’s he was no trained doctor to go around damaging people, but it made good money. I wonder now if Harv is modelling his peak pot along those lines except Harv isn’t that dangerous, yet but he will do enough financial damange to your financial health. There is no easy way out of financial life, its a long road, save and invest wisely in conservative investment vehicles and in the long run you could retire comfortable, hopefully your kids will inherit something of value. Atleast you can do this without hurting or misleading people and con naive people into getting rich quick. He actually says in his book that getting rich quick has got a bad wrap ! that its quiet possible to make it big in a short time ! hmmm how good question there is no answer in his book other than saying Passive Income jeeee why didn’t i think of it.

torosun / December 2nd, 2008, 10:01 pm / #

As a Quantum Leap Member who has completed, along with my husband, all the courses and an extended stint with a great Life Coach, Terry Cornish, with Peaks as well, I can say that if you open your mind and really show up 100%, you will get a lot out of every seminar. I too, experienced some frustrations with the business side of the operations, but managed to get the job done, whatever it was. Now, several years have gone by since our last seminar and although I feel I learned and grew from the seminars, especially Warrior, Wizard and the very first, Millionaire Mind, I have these memories of Harv’s pleas, rants and blatant manipulations urging us to sign up for the next seminar which seemed compulsive and somewhat pathetic to me. I’d think real creativity and a truly enlightened approach would find better ways than manipulation to inspire us. During those rants I would feel embarrassed for him and that made me reluctant to recommend the courses to my friends. He also didn’t seem very happy to me when I’d see him off stage and I felt that he might be driven compulsively by the need for more money and more success. He wasn’t, in my opinion, loose, natural, relaxed and “never working again.” He seemed like a compulsive work horse, who at the time didn’t seem to be able to make a relationship work. I’m all for enlightened wealth which is what brought me to his courses, but I fear he is not the shining example of what enlightened wealth is for me. I’d like authenticity, inspired enthusiasm and a wise, trusting, relaxed, charismatic, good looking person, leading me to enlightened wealth. He is charismatic and good looking!
But those are the last on my list.

Jarl Forsan / December 16th, 2008, 7:22 pm / #

I have taken most of Harv’s courses and feel that I recieved fare value for my money. Warrior and Wizard are the two best ones by a mile.

The Peak Potentials business courses could be improved.

The only program that is not worth the money is the coaching one. You end up paying about $450 per month to get coached by a team of third stringers.

By the way, James Ray is a T Harv Eker clone offering the same courses at twice the price!

Eric Benndorf / December 27th, 2008, 5:53 pm / #

Anyone have a free ticket to Train the Trainer? 323-371-0244

Amy / January 13th, 2009, 11:00 pm / #

I see there haven’t been any posts for the last 6 months, but I hope people are still reading them - it’s important to have a forum for discussions like these!

That said, I have a related but different question: have any Quantum Leap members ever been allowed to resell or give away their unwanted seminar tickets? I know the contract explicitly states that the QL membership is not transferable, but I’ve had PP make exceptions in other situations, so asked to sell my 2 remaining seminar seats, Guerrilla Business School & Train the Trainer 1. I said I’d be happy to give the seats away rather than waste them, but got an unqualified “No”.

I’m trying to let it go–after all, I made the decision to sign the contract–but knowing that exceptions have been made in other instances got me thinking that possibly it’s happened in this regard. If it has, then I should be able to do the same!

I’d love to hear others’ experiences, especially if you’ve been granted an exception in selling or gifting your QL tickets.

Thanks Doug, great site!

Best to all,

Subie / March 19th, 2009, 6:59 pm / #

I have been to the millionaire mind, warrior, and wizard trainings. (Some of the courses are a bit redundant, The wizard training is similar to warrior training with a different perspective. In warrior we hiked for speed and in wizard we hiked slowly.) While I got benefit from each one, the organization is so screwed up that I refuse to attend any of the other classes. Kinda sad cause I like the processes but can’t stand the office that runs the courses. This was the case in 2003-2006 maybe its better now.

Starfire / April 28th, 2009, 3:42 pm / #

I worked for Harv, thinking I would learn EVEN MORE inside secrets to making it rich. Well silly me, he paid me $10 an hour I should have known. But I didn’t last too long before I realized the whole thing is a scam. Harv is an electric personality, lovable, he makes you feel like he’s your best friend then softens your defenses and reaches into your wallet, over and over and over. When I worked for him a lot of people were heavily in debt taking his courses, some were bankrupt.

If you want to have a good time and not dally for too long just do Warrior and be done with it. Unless you can’t resist of course….

What Harv has taught me is the value of Edu-tainment. You should be paying more attention to what he does and how he does it than by listening to what he says. Its just eye and ear candy. He says everything you want to hear and he’s cute like a cuddly teddy bear.

Good luck!!

Hannah / June 15th, 2009, 2:15 am / #

Millionaire School is a scam and FIC isn’t any better. They pitch these investments under the guise that they did all the due deligence so we wouldn’t have to and I lost money on the atm machine/debit card investment and my friend didn’t make any money on the internet opportunity. Also, FIC had a foreclosure opportunity offering monthly cash flow, its been a year and I still don’t anything cash flowing. Stay away from these charlatans. It is like a cult the way the pressure you into signing up for their expensive courses. You’re better off buying a good book that you can keep referring back to.

Sally / July 3rd, 2009, 4:25 pm / #

Doug et al,

Is this discussion still continuing?

Doug, you mentioned in 2008 that your 3 years (I assume in Quantum) weren’t up yet. But they must be by now (or almost), so do you have any experiences to share as you promised in one of your earlier posts?

Also, Jarl Forsan, you had finished Quantum and a lot of other coaching with Peak Potentials, back in Dec. ‘08, or even earlier, as per your post above.
Would you be kind enough to share how Quantum etc. transmformed your life?

It would be very interesting to hear both of your experiences, since you seem to be people that have done the most courses/events with Peak Potentials.

And, Duanne, do you still have your RLC membership? And, are you still getting your money’s worth (after they made it impossible to actually download any content and began charging for it?)


Vishal / July 23rd, 2009, 4:34 am / #

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