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Akismet is a Necessary Plugin

When I started getting spam on my website (which did not take long at all!), I discovered that Akismet must be enabled before it will work (obvious yes, but it didn’t occur to me when I first installed WordPress).

I am very glad I enabled it! Since being away from the Internet for a while (one week), Akismet has caught 68 spam comments!

It is good to be on the Internet radar, but with this comes problems, like spam. I highly recommend Akismet to drastically reduce this problem!

Fun and Easy Way to Draw Faces

FlashFaceAnother gem discovered on John TP’s site: Ultimate Flash Face is how you can draw faces easily. It is an online tool for drawing human faces.

It is worth discovering, so I am posting a story about it here. There are four separate Digg entries, I think at least one of them deserves more than 10 or 11 Diggs! Digg it! (That link is to digg Flash Face by the way).


Travel Description: Fresh Stories from Mexico

In a few hours I will be leaving for the Yucatan Peninsula (south-east Mexico for those who need to know).

During that time, it is unlikely that I will post on this blog, but you never know! Mean while, you can read what I write on my travel journal . You can find it at

I hope you enjoy the stories!

Traveling for Geeks: Storing Digital Photos (Which Storage Media?)

It is so easy to consume memory with your digital camera! How to store the photos en route when your memory is full?

There are many options for storing digital photographs on the road, each with their pros and cons. The best choice depends on a number of factors.

In this article I will discuss some of the options. I hope this will help you decide how to manager your digital images on your next trip.

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Peak Potentials RichLifeClub by Hrv Eker - How to Cancel

I attended an excellent seminar put on by Peak Potentials this summer. They sure know how to put on great seminars.

Unfortunately, they are really lacking in other areas of their business.

Like many others, I signed up for, expecting a useful resource for personal and business development. I found nothing of value, and the whole thing is half-baked. Unfortunately, the organization does not practice what it teaches.

To cancel RichLifeClub, visit this link. It probably is not featured prominently on their website (I’m guessing) and I only got this information after a strongly worded email to them (after the first two polite emails were entirely ignored).

I sure hope Peak Potentials gets their act together. I recommend their courses (but you need to armour-plate your defences against intense cult-like marketing). The rest of the organization leaves me cold.

Here is a Peak Potentials course I really liked. As I said, I recommend their courses and I found Life Directions both useful and helpful.

If you know of a personal development company that offers great courses and runs the rest of their business in a customer-friendly way, do please share! Add your comments!

Post Script
5 April 2007
Months after my initial attempt to cancel Rich Life Club, I received the following email:

Your subscription to RichLifeClub has been canceled [sic]. You were not refunded the 1.00 first month trail charge as I see you did access the site after your sign up date & the 1.00 was your only charge.
If you have any questions you may contact us at your convenience at: 1(801)431-0001 between 9am & 6pm mountain time.
Thank you, RichLifeClub

Well, my cancellation went through long ago, and as for not refunding me my dollar, I can afford it. It does show the operators to be stingy and just plain silly. The time spent accessing the site was a waste of my time, and the time taken to cancel a further waste of time. They should be paying me at least $100.oo to compensate!

Anyhow, if you are still having trouble cancelling, you now have a phone number with which to contact them.

WordPress Template Tweak

Wordpress-Template-TweekI’ve been reading other people’s blogs about blogging lately, specifically about template design. This is, in part, because I have not been entirely happy with the finer points of the layout for my travel information website. I already had some changes in mind, and I wanted to get more ideas about the finer points, especially ad placement, since I was going to eliminate the box where one ad had been carefully hidden from day one.

Obviously, hiding your ads is a bad idea if you want your site to make any revenue!

Read on to find out what changes I made, and what I think of the result.

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Keep an Eye on your Server Log

I just posted an article to my blog, and then used pingoat to inform the blogsphere that I had updated my blog. Then I did a routine check on my server log. I was surprised to see a 404 (page not found) error on that very post! Yes, someone had come to visit that very post, but it was not there. So whoever visited me from IP, my face is a bit #FF000 (i.e. red) in embarrassment! I’ll blame it on BlogDesk, which I had incorrectly configured, and for some reason it set the time for a few hours in the future.

Had I not checked my logs, I’d have missed that. Checking your server log every so often is a good idea!

Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

rss iconHere is a helpful article on how to increase your blog subscribers. I highly recommend John’s site as a great source of information on blogging and WordPress (among other things).

John has taken his favorite tips from 10 Effective Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers, on copyblogger, and augmented them a bit.

So far, I’ve been following the quality content approach, as well as leaving useful comments on other people’s blogs. The whole idea of social interaction via blogs is really interesting to me. Sure, I’d rather meet people face-to-face, but there is a lot to be said for inter-blog conversations!

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go USB 8GB Specifications

Here are specifications for the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go USB hard drive. It contains a 1″ hard drive and operates on a USB. Perfect for travelling! I am considering one for my next trip. As small hard drives and large flash drives approach each other in price and capacity, speed becomes a major determining factor.

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