Google’s “Landing Page Quality” Program Should Help Publishers

Google has posted a Landing page quality update which describes how AdWord bidders are encouraged to provide quality landing pages. Low-quality landing pages cost advertisers more than high-quality landing pages.

As a publisher, I think think this is great for two reasons:

  1. It discourages those annoying “made for AdSense” sites that have no content and ads only. I hate those sites! no-one likes landing on them. It is disappointing when I think of a great domain name, only to find it is being wasted on an ad page.
  2. It provides my visitors with a better experience, should they decide to visit one of my sponsors. If they click an ad, and end up on some sub-standard site, how does that help them? If it doesn’t help them, it doesn’t help me!

I’ve not bought and ads for any of my businesses yet. When I do, I think this move will help me too. It will reduce competition from sub-standard sites.


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