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Great Article Comparing Content Management Systems

Here is a useful article comparing Drupal with WordPress, and a few other content management systems as well. It is a more in-depth companion to my article comparing Drupal and WordPress. The chart comparing CMS systems outlines about what I found in my own research. For example, WordPress is easy to install, but is less scalable. Drupal is harder to install, but provides more control and more features. Then there is Typo3 - many features but very hard to set up.

Drupal vs. WordPress

DrupallogoChoosing a Content Management System (CMS) is neither an easy nor fast process. Every CMS has its own set of unique features. On balance, it is often hard to say wordpress-logoif one is better or more suitable than another. While some content management systems quickly prove themselves inadequate or flawed for a particular application, others may only reveal their quirks after a lot of experimentation.

This article looks very quickly at both. I consider them both excellent choices, but they are not interchangeable. By the end of this article, I hope to give you an understanding on the strengths and weaknesses of each (in broad strokes), and the circumstances under which one or the other might prove to be a better choice

Both Drupal and WordPress are open source (i.e. free).

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Google’s “Landing Page Quality” Program Should Help Publishers

Google has posted a Landing page quality update which describes how AdWord bidders are encouraged to provide quality landing pages. Low-quality landing pages cost advertisers more than high-quality landing pages.

As a publisher, I think think this is great for two reasons:

  1. It discourages those annoying “made for AdSense” sites that have no content and ads only. I hate those sites! no-one likes landing on them. It is disappointing when I think of a great domain name, only to find it is being wasted on an ad page.
  2. It provides my visitors with a better experience, should they decide to visit one of my sponsors. If they click an ad, and end up on some sub-standard site, how does that help them? If it doesn’t help them, it doesn’t help me!

I’ve not bought and ads for any of my businesses yet. When I do, I think this move will help me too. It will reduce competition from sub-standard sites.


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USB Flash Drives - What are the Specs?

USB-Flash-DriveDon’t you hate marketing? So much fluff, so little substance!

I am researching USB Flash Drives. One key specification is how fast they transfer data.

Don’t be fooled by USB 2.0 compatibility - inside, these devices are slow. They are up to ten times slower in saving data than reading it, although speeds are increasing. The older ones would be just as fast on USB 1.1, they really would.

When I am able to find the actual speeds of these devices, I will post them here. Mean while, here is what I have found out.

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Firefox Bookmarks Toolbar Problem

firefox-logo smallProblem: Your Firefox bookmark toolbar is empty.


  1. Right-click on any Firefox toolbar.
  2. Select Customize from the sort cut menu.
  3. Click the Restore Default Set button.
  4. Click the Done button. This will fix the problem in many cases.

This worked for me.

If this does not fix the problem for you, and you find a different solution that does, please add your comments here explaining how you did it.


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Fixing Google’s Misinterpretation of a Blog Post

Sometimes, what you want to write and the way you want to write it does not mess with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and AdSense goals. This article illustrates this problem, and makes some simple suggestions that fix or reduce the problem of attracting the wrong AdSense ads.

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