Working With Colour

Choosing a colour scheme for any graphical material is an art, but there are hard facts you can go on - good news for people like me!  I know what I want to accomplish, but I don't have a tallent for choosing colours.  So can I produce a colour scheme that works?

You bet I can!  And so can you.

If you are already a graphic designer, you surely know all about what I am going to discuss here - in fact I'm sure you know a whole lot more!   Never the less, you may find some of the resources, listed at the end of this article, to be helpful.

Certain colours produce certain psychological effects - this surely has had extensive research by all sorts of people in the marketing industry.  I am working on collecting information about that, for now, lets just say such information exists.  I will share it with you in another article when I have enough material to share.  If you have some tips, please feel free to add your comments.Here is the easy part: having chosen the single  major colour you want to base your colour scheme on, you can create a whole palette to go along with it, using existing, easy to use software.  Much of it is free.  Unless you have some sort of design sense, you may still end up with a mess on your website, but at least the colours will all look good together, and that will be a big help!

The resources listed below provide you with information, techniques, and links to software to help you develop a palette for your website.


Creating a shade-set - all the same base-colour, but this technique gives you saturated tones for spot colour (don't use too much all in one place!) and diluted tones for highlights, separation lines and the like:

 And here is a website with free software to implement the technique:

There is lots of information and resources here: 


(The resources section will be added to on occasion. )

Do you have some favorite resources you would like to share?  Please add a comment with a link to the resource and a brief description. Only resources relating to colour design please. 


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