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Controlling the ‘Read More’ Message in a Wordpress Template

Wordpress displays the latest articles on the front page of your blog – which can result in a very long first page!  You can use the <!–more–> tag to control what is displayed on the first page.  This blog has a separately written summary of each article for example. You may also want to control the message that links to the full story. 

This article explains how to control the “read more” message in your Wordpress blog.

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Customizing Comments in Wordpress a Template

In Wordpress, Pages are designed to be static, with their own menu system that is quite separate from posts. When editing the page, you can allow comments in the Discussion options, however, many templates will not display comments for a page.

This article explains how to add comments to a page, and how to modify how comments are handled when the allow comments option for a page has been disabled.

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Working With Colour

Choosing a colour scheme for any graphical material is an art, but there are hard facts you can go on - good news for people like me!  I know what I want to accomplish, but I don't have a tallent for choosing colours.  So can I produce a colour scheme that works?

You bet I can!  And so can you.

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Redesigning a Template for Wordpress

This article has yet to be written!

It is a place-holder for now - I link to it from another article.  Please visit again soon!

Case Study: Redesigning the Website Template

Do you want to know what is involved in upgrading the template for a website?  In this article, I explain how I went about it for Dougs Travels,  and share a few tips based on what I learned in the process.

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Entering the Euro Currency Symbol (€) on a PC

Do you ever need to use the Euro currency symbol (€)?  Here is how to get it on any PC keyboard.

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